Donating books to the library

If you are discarding your own unwanted books and they are still current editions or of historical interest, please check with the library in case we wish to add them to our stock. We always appreciate being considered for donations. However, we do have severe storage problems and have to be selective in terms of what we are able to accept, so don't be surprised or upset if we politely decline your offer.

Here are some alternative options:

  • Local schools may welcome textbooks to broaden the range of resources to which they can refer students. Your Liaison librarian and the Partners team may have specific contacts with schools, or you could ask at your local school.
  • We give all our unwanted stock from the Library to Better World Books. They advertise them for sale on the internet and send all the funds raised to support literacy work in developing countries. If you are a member of university staff you can donate books to this scheme via the Recycling team.
  • Donate your unwanted books to the Walton Library for Recovery College Library and Borderline Books
    • There is a collection point in the Walton Library
    • We only accept general textbooks, fiction, mental health & wellbeing
    • We can only accept books less than 8 years old
  • Labafrica transport unwanted medical books to medical libraries in Ghana and Kenya.
  • Education Aid collects books in UK and sends them to schools and universities in poor countries. Their website also lists many other similar contacts.
  • Book Aid International send books and journals to developing countries.
  • You can post a message to Lis-link offering your books to other libraries across the country.
  • Beamish Museum may be interested in local material.
  • Local second hand booksellers may be interested in specific materials but will rarely take everything.
  • The Oxfam shop on the corner of St Thomas Street in Newcastle will also accept books for resale in their bookstores - ring them to check before taking books there.
  • Oxfam in Jesmond has just opened a specialist book shop on St George's Terrace (they have a book deposit bin opposite).
  • Freecycle (or Freegle) is another way of disposing of unwanted books and other items - just join your local group and offer the books - there is nearly always someone who will come and collect them from you!
  • Kittiwake Multilingual Library - based in Eldon Gardens, Newcastle, they are interested in donations of fiction or non-fiction books in foreign languages. They also have a partner project in the North East, Borderline Books which works with various groups, and also takes book donations (all languages).