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#ColourOurCollections - Celebrating archives through connection

Sharpen those coloured pencils and flex your creative muscles because it’s time for #ColourOurCollections, the annual social media campaign launched in 2016 by the New York Academy of Medicine.

Newcastle University Library and Special Collections are connecting with over 150 museums and libraries to share content featuring cultural archives and collections. We’ve used material first digitized on CollectionsCaptured featuring the subjects of science, medicine and health. If you’ve been inspired by #ColourOurCollections, you can find out more about how to use archival material into your research.

To uncover a cornocupia of wonder and immerse yourself in some art therapy, visit the #ColourOurCollections website. You can download our PDF colouring booklet using the link below.

Remember to tag and share your masterpieces with us @ncllibmed on Twitter and Instagram, using the hashtag #ColourOurCollections

Download the PDF and get creative

Published on: 5th February 2020

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