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Returning students: what's new?

Philip Robinson Library Level 2 refurbishment

Photograph of the new Student Texts Collection spaceA newly redesigned space to provide a more welcoming, attractive and efficient aspect to our main library building.

Refurbishment highlights

  • New Library Help and welcome desks
  • Better issue and return system
  • New Student Text Collection area
  • Redesigned social study space
  • New exhibition space for Special Collections
  • Fully refurbished café

Changes to borrowing

We have changed our policy for borrowing long loan items so you will no longer pay overdue charges on long loan items no-one else needs.

Borrowing highlights

  • You can keep long loan items for as long as you need them (unless someone reserves them)
  • We will tell you when your book is due back
  • You need to reserve a book on loan if you want it

See the Borrow page for more information on borrowing and when your loans are due.

New library website design

We’ve given the library website home page a facelift, giving it a more up to date, modern feel but it’s also fully mobile and tablet responsive giving you a much better experience. Over the coming year we will be working on the content which will reflect more of what you want to see.

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Published on: 20th September 2019

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