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COVID-19 (Coronavirus) and changes to our services - All library buildings are now closed. The Library service remains open online.

There are areas in each of our libraries which have been designated as silent study where there is strictly no talking, and mobile phones should be kept on silent. Please respect your fellow students and move to an alternative location if you wish to chat. No hot or cold food and only covered drinks are allowed in the Silent Study areas.

Covered drinks allowedPhones on silent

Silent study locations:

  • Philip Robinson Library - Levels 3 & 4
  • Marjorie Robinson Library Rooms – Third and Fourth Floors. The Academic Skills Room on the Ground Floor is available as a silent study space when not booked.
  • Walton Library - Designated silent study room
  • Law Library - International Law, European Law and the English Law Reports rooms

Too noisy to study? Use the Library Noise Alert Service.

Text number: 07891 484 764 (at your standard SMS rate) and we will investigate.

This service is specifically for monitoring noise issues in Library spaces.

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