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Policy Summary

UK Research and Innovation (UKRI) represents the AHRCBBSRCEPSRCESRCMRCNERC and STFC. Peer-reviewed research articles (including non-commissioned reviews) and conference proceedings arising from research funded by the UKRI must be made open access via either the Gold or Green routes. The decision on which route to open access to follow remains at the discretion of the researchers and their research organisations.

University Research Commitee (URC) agreed that where an UKRI-compliant green open access option is offered by the publisher, authors are expected to comply via this route. Gold open access will only be paid for publications in open access journals or where the paper cannot comply with UKRI policy via the green route.

UKRI Green open access

Where an UKRI-compliant green open access option is offered by the publisher, Newcastle University authors should comply via this route by publishing the article as subscription access and uploading the accepted manuscript to MyImpact. The version uploaded should be the author's manuscript after any changes from peer review, but before publisher copy-editing and typesetting.

UKRI policy allows for publisher embargos on access to manuscripts of 12 months for STEM disciplines (BBSRC, EPSRC, STFC and NERC) and 24 months for arts, humanities and social science (AHRC and ESRC). For papers acknowledging MRC funding, the maximum embargo is 6 months from publication in all circumstances.

The open access team check publisher terms and conditions for all manuscripts uploaded to MyImpact before making them open access in ePrints. We will contact authors to discuss any issues with meeting the requirements of the UKRI open access policy.

Deposit in ePrints via MyImpact

Papers acknowledging MRC funding should also be deposited in Europe PubMed Central within 6 months of publication. MRC grantholders will have been issued with a Europe PMC Plus account to deposit papers.

UKRI Gold open access

UKRI provide a block grant to the university to support authors with the costs associated with Gold open access. URC agreed this grant can only be used for eligible publications in fully open access journals or where the paper would be non-compliant with UKRI policy via the green route. Where an UKRI-compliant green open access option is offered by the publisher, applications will be rejected and authors advised how to comply via the green route.

Additionally, the maximum open access fee (inclusive of VAT) that can be paid from this grant is capped at £3,500 for subscription (hybrid) journals and £5,000 for fully open access journals. Page and colour charges cannot be claimed.

Therefore to be eligible for funds from the UKRI grant, publications must meet the following criteria:

  • An original peer-reviewed research article, conference proceedings or non-commissioned review article
  • Acknowledges funding from one or more UKRI funders
  • Made freely available by the publisher at publication
  • Published with the Creative Commons Attribution (CC-BY) licence (not CC-BY-NC or CC-BY-NC-ND).
  • The open access fee (including VAT) is less than £3,500 for a subscription (hybrid) journal or £5,000 for an open access journal. 
  • Unable to comply with the UKRI open access policy via the green route (see above)

If your publication meets these criteria, you should choose Gold open access and apply for UKRI funding.

Apply for UKRI funds

The university has also entered into transformative agreements with publishers to provide UKRI-compliant open access at no additional cost to authors or the institution.

Statement on access to research data

The UKRI policy on Open Access requires "all research papers, if applicable, to include a statement on how underlying research materials, such as data, samples or models, can be accessed". The Research Data Service can provide guidance on what to include in the data access statement, where to store the data, and under what conditions data does not need to be made open.


UKRI Open Access Policy and Guidance