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Collaborate with others

Collaborate with others

Generate a private link to your data, organise projects and collections of data.

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Collections are ways of collating published data within the data.ncl under a theme. They can be either private or public and can be assigned a DOI. 

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Projects are collaborative space to prepare data for deposit. You can upload data that is in progress and users within and beyond Newcastle University can make comments.

Individual projects

  • eeeryone uses their own quota and account storage
  • people take their data records with them if they leave the project
  • items are created using the metadata schema of the submitter
  • items published by users from outside the organisation don’t have to go through review

Group projects

  • submitters’ quota will not be used, storage allocation comes directly from the project
  • all work is stored on institutional storage and remains within the project space if people leave
  • contributors must adopt the metadata schema of the project owner
  • items published by users from outside the organisation have to go through review

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Creating private links

You can create a private link to the data you have archived with data.ncl before it is published openly. This can be useful if you would like to share access to project partners. To create the link upload the data and then click generate private link and save changes rather than publish.

Once the data is ready for publication simply  go back to the record in the My data view and publish the record.

You can also reserve a digital object identifier (DOI) for the archived data, which is useful for peer reviewed journal publishing process.

Rather than publishing the data ahead of the article you can reserve the DOI to create the data access statement for inclusion in the paper and then publish the data once the author accepted manuscript has been submitted.