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Summary of actions taken - 2000-2001

Robinson Library

Telephone renewals

Following a review of Reception Desk staffing the telephone renewals service was re-introduced from 1st October 2001. It is available 9am-5pm Monday to Friday.


Closer collaboration with the University Estates Department will ensure that the building temperature will be monitored effectively. Thermometers are being placed in strategic parts of the building and regular readings will be taken.

Loan system

A number of complaints related to students having to return books that had been requested by other users. The implementation of the new Library Management System in 2001-2002 will trigger a re-examination of all existing systems and procedures.

Suggestions about stock holdings, number of copies and loan status were referred directly to Academic Liaison Librarians for action.

The PCs running the library's web catalogue have been upgraded to improve performance and response time. There are also web catalogues now on low level tables for disabled users on Levels 2, 3 and 4.


A phased replacement of the library photocopiers has begun. Seven new black and white digital photocopiers, together with a new colour copier, were installed in September 2001.

Smartcard payment systems for photocopying will be introduced during 2001-2002.

Provision of evening photocopier support will be examined in the context of staff re-organization.

Evening and weekend staff will be given instruction on how to solve basic problems during the 2001-2002 year.


Level 1 has now been designated a quiet study area. Staff are taking a more active role in ensuring that all quiet study areas are being used appropriately.

Designated areas for the use of mobile phones is helping to contain this problem. Additional small group study rooms are in operation since the beginning of October 2001


Admission to the library for staff and students of Newcastle University is only possible by possession of a Smartcard. Notices at the library entrance have been revised to ensure their clarity

Microfilm/microfiche reader printers

Specific use microfiche and microfilm machines have been sited on Levels 2, 3, and 4. The content and clarity of the notices for this equipment were reviewed the summer of 2001. Existing machines will be reviewed and any replacements identified for 2002.

Walton Library

Issues and returns

Following concerns expressed about access to Desk Student Texts Collection items during a period of very high demand, we are actively considering allowing these items to be issued overnight - they currently may only be used in the library for up to three hours.


All suggestions for additions to stock were considered and actioned.

Opening hours

Following comments about our summer vacation weekend and evening opening hours, both this year and in previous years, we will be introducing longer evening and Saturday opening hours in 2001-2002.

Telephone renewals

The very high number of complaints received across the library indicates that the suspension of the telephone renewals service was a very unpopular move. The library was able to re-introduce the service in September, following a review of services at the Reception Desk in the Robinson Library - it is now available 9am-5pm, Monday to Friday.


In response to comments this year and in previous years about the quality of the copier output, we will be replacing all our black and white copiers with digital copiers in summer 2001.


Printing from our database network PCs will be addressed as a specific objective during 2001-2002.

Postgraduate revision texts (MCQs)

Following a comment about the unavailability of these texts (one copy of each is traditionally kept in the Student Text Collection, with similar loan restrictions), we have changed the loan category to four weeks - we have still kept these materials together, to retain the browsability of the collection


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