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Summary of actions taken - 2001-2002

Robinson Library

Library temperatures

The library has continued to work with the University Estates Section to ensure that the building is not too cold in winter and not too warm in summer. New procedures are in place to ensure that the Library Building Manager is able to have the temperature controls altered more effectively and efficiently. Room thermometers have also been placed in various library locations to enable staff to monitor actual temperatures in the building.


Where noise problems were identified, action was taken. The use of webcams in the quiet study area on Level 1 was discontinued and regular patrols of this area ensured that it remained a silent study area. New posters were also erected on Level 3 and Level 4 identifying the silent study areas.

Where library staff are made aware of a noise problem they attempted to solve it.

Computers / PC cluster areas

All comments relating to the PC cluster areas in the Robinson Library were referred to University Computer Services for investigation and action. UCS Operators will now play a more active role in staffing the Level 2 PC Cluster help Desk, UCS are investigating ways in which print accounts can be topped up in the library and the Level 1 PC Cluster is supervised more closely to ensure that it does not become a social area.


Ten new photocopiers including a colour copier and a specially designed copier for use by disabled students, were installed in September 2002. In February 2002 Smartcard payment for photocopying was introduced on all library photocopiers. The price of photocopying was also reduced.

Despite ongoing requests for the re-introduction of staplers in the photocopying areas, we have not been able to find a cost effective and durable stapler capable of dealing with the volume of stapling but we will continue to investigate the solution to this problem.


For security reasons we have to insist that students and University staff continue to use their Smartcard to gain admission to the library.

Inter library loans

Inter library loan forms are now available for purchase and submission on Sundays.


All suggestions for the subscription to new periodical titles or the cancellation of existing titles were passed to the relevant Academic Liaison Librarian. Budget constraints unfortunately do not permit much in the way of new periodical subscriptions without a corresponding cancellation in monetary terms.

Walton Library

Opening hours

In response to comments, both this year and in previous years, from clinical medical and dental students about problems in accessing the library during their longer summer term, the library remained open until 8pm Monday to Thursday all summer vacation, and until 4pm on the first four Saturdays of the vacation. We also provided desk and enquiry services until closing time, instead of simply being open as a reading room.


In response to comments about the lack of intuitiveness of the Web OPAC, both here and elsewhere in the University library, we were able to arrange for the default search to be changed to 'Browse by title', which is much more helpful to our users. A new library system, with a much more sophisticated OPAC, is currently being planned.

PC cluster printer

We have requested a printer for the small PC cluster area, to save users having to go to Dene to collect their printouts. UCS is currently considering this.


All suggestions for additions to stock were considered and actioned.


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