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Summary of actions taken - 2002-2003

Robinson Library

Library staff and services

It was pleasing to note that 24 compliments were received about the high standard of service provided by the library and praise for help received from staff in general or specific individuals. Specific comments were forwarded to individuals or teams within the library. All complaints were investigated and suggestions considered by the relevant library team.

Loan system

Specific complaints about the loan system were referred to the Head of Reader Services for investigation, analysis and response within the five working day time limit. All existing library systems and procedures were reviewed during 2002/03 as part of the planned switch over to the new library computer system in July 2003 and modifications made where necessary. The post implementation phase of the new library system has identified some outstanding issues and these are being resolved with the system provider.


Despite close liaison with the University Estates Office, the library continues to be either too hot or too cold for users. The library Building Manager and Porters monitor temperatures on a day-to-day basis and request any modifications to the temperature or humidity controls. Estates are also examining the condition of some of the older toilets with a view to replacement. Additional cleaner time has now been made available in the afternoons to help keep the public toilets in a better condition.

Computer/PC cluster areas

A number of very useful suggestions were received from students and were referred to University Computing Services for investigation and action. More UCS staff are being deployed on the Level 2 Help Desk, weekend staff cover has been increased, a new network was installed in the Level 1 and Level 2 cluster areas to improve network reliability and speed, a new 30 computer cluster was commissioned on Level 1 (The Hope Cluster) and new computers were installed over the summer of 2003.

Opening hours

The existing library opening hours are being reviewed during the 2003/04 academic year as a Library Management Objective, with any subsequent changes being implemented from August 2004.


Smartcard payment for photocopying has enabled more effective payment for this service.


A group study area was created on Level 1 to deter noise in the upper levels. Porters now patrol the quiet Study areas during exam and assessment periods. The use of mobile phones, outside designated areas, continues to be deterred.

Walton Library


To ensure maximum availability of open access PCs in the cluster room, the Glen cluster is now open for general use whenever it is not required for teaching. An additional 50 PCs are now available in the library. Laptop docking stations have been installed in the newly refurbished areas.


All titles suggested by readers in 'Tell us what you think' forms have been purchased.

Study room

A booking system has been introduced to allow pre-booking of study rooms for up to two week sin advance. Two new study rooms are now available.

Photocopying - general

A notice has been added to photcopiers reminding readers not to forget their Smartcards.


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