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Summary of actions taken - 2004-2005

Robinson Library

Library staff and services

As usual, it was pleasant to receive so many comments forms related to satisfied users. These encompassed all aspects of the library service including Special Collections and Print Services. It is always gratifying when users take the time to comment positively on the service.

Opening hours

As a result of many comments regarding opening hours, the library has undertaken a great deal of work investigating the optimum opening times. From September 2005, the library has been opening at 8.30am in the mornings during term time. This addition of 100 extra hours has already proved very popular. We continue to consider other ways in which opening hours might be changed to best serve the needs of our users.

Electronic resources

The introduction of the 'Find it' service to list and locate electronic journals was in response to the many comments we received regarding the A-Z electronic journals list. The 'Find it' service allows users not only to locate electronic journals in a list, but has also enabled the direct linking from database results to the journals to enable quick and easy downloading of articles. We intend to add to, and enhance this service over the coming year to give the best possible access to our growing electronic journal collection. The installation of several express workstations in the Robinson Library, which allow users to access email only have proved tremendously popular. These will also be added to the Walton Library and Law Library in the not too distant future.

Suggestions by users

As in previous years, we have responded to suggestions by users for improvements to facilities and stock. All recommendations for additional resources were passed on to the relevant Liaison Librarians for consideration and possible purchase. A recycling bin has been provided next to the self issue machines to ensure environmentally friendly disposal of receipt slips, and a review of the notices in the Student Text Collection has ensured that all users are aware of the fines pertaining to this type of material.

Walton Library

Particular issues which emerged from an analysis of the comments received are listed below.

  • As with last year's comment forms, the majority of the complaints about the building and the environment were regarding the very low or very high temperatures in certain sections of the Walton Library. This is an ongoing matter of concern, and involved monitoring and logging of temperatures and discussions with Estates. This is an ongoing problem which has arisen due to the redevelopment works in the whole of the Catherine Cookson Building, and I have been assured that this matter will be resolved when the heating and ventilation throughout the whole building has been balanced.
  • There were a number of suggestions and complaints regarding the move to vacation hours in the Summer, particularly from Stage 3 MBBS and Accelerated MBBS students. Their academic year is longer than the standard year and this meant the library had moved to vacation hours before their examinations were complete. The Faculty of Medical Sciences kindly agreed to fund extended hours during late June and July, and thanks to the flexibility of the library staff, we were able to open the library for termtime hours until the end of July. This will also happen next year.
  • The opening of the group rooms has created some controversy, as some students wanted to be able to pre-book the rooms, which is not possible, and also were not happy about paying fines when they over-ran their time in the rooms. However, this seems to have settled down now, and they are extremely well-used and a very popular resource. Many of the initial problems have now been ironed out, and they use of the rooms runs smoothly.


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