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Summary of actions taken - 2014-2015

Robinson, Law and Pop-up Library

Particular issues which emerged from an analysis of the comments received:

Study environment

All library sites were very busy over the past year. The Pop-Up Library that ran in January 2015 as well as during the summer term helped alleviate pressure on study spaces particular times. We are now looking forward to the opening of our fourth library site in January 2016, the Marjorie Robinson Library Rooms. This will offer over 550 new collaborative and individual study spaces.

Customers continue to provide timely feedback on the different study environments offered at the Robinson Library. We are grateful for this as it has helped us identify and resolve a number of squeaky and rattling doors swiftly. Concerns about the state of cleanliness of computer keyboards and specific study areas were also raised and responded to.


Managing levels of noise is always a difficult task in such a large and busy building. Over the past year the majority of complaints about noise were received during vacation times when the Robinson Library is less busy and usually quieter. In these circumstances a very quiet conversation can quickly disturb the silence enjoyed by others as low level noise travels further and more quickly. Staff continued to regularly check on noise levels in quiet and silent areas at these times. We have also worked hard to promote the noise alert service which customer can use to report a noise issue. Between September 2014 and June 2015 we received and attended to 322 noise alerts across all library sites including the Pop-Up Library. This enabled us to investigate and resolve issues discreetly where customers required this assistance.


We received a number of complaints regarding the temperature of different parts of the Robinson Library during the past year. Maintaining a temperature that suits everyone in such a large building is very difficult,, especially at times when the building is particularly busy or the external temperature is fluctuating significantly. We continue to routinely monitor the temperature of different parts of the building and work closely with the Estates Support Services team (who are responsible for the maintenance and control of the buildings heating and ventilation systems), to respond to issues as they arise.

Opening hours during vacation periods

Over the past year we received a number of complaints about vacation opening hours. We do recognise that there are some students present on campus over vacation periods wishing to use the library. Therefore we have been exploring different opportunities to extend vacation opening hours, using past and projected library usage to inform changes. For example we extended Easter vacation opening hours so the Robinson Library was opened consistently until 10 pm seven days a week, providing an additional 25 hours library access per week. We also extended our summer vacation hours for the busier parts of the vacation and hope to do so again in 2016.

Library communications

We received some complaints about the length and sound level of regular tannoy announcements causing unnecessary disturbances. Subsequently we reviewed all the announcements we make and where possible shortened the messages we needed to convey. We do try hard to balance necessary announcements against the disturbance that it causes.

Some customers brought to our attention the accuracy of the PC availability screens and app. On further investigation we identified a discrepancy in the number of pcs showing as available in the Robinson Library which was rectified.

Availability of services when library service desk is closed

In response to requests to borrow headphones during night time opening hours we altered our processes so that headphones and laptops could be loaned to students throughout the Robinson Library’s 24 hours opening. We also plan to trial a new way of offering headphones and laptops at Marjorie Robinson Library Rooms.

Constructive feedback was also received on individual interactions with our 24/7 Library Help chat service. This has helped us work with our staff and service provider to improve the help and advice available via this service.

Issues with the robustness of the Wifi

Some customers reported having difficulty trying to connect to Wi-Fi in the Robinson Library or found it rather slow. Problems with Wi-Fi can be difficult to diagnose and it helped when reports included details of where the customers were sitting within the Library. Issues were resolved by NUIT in two ways: firstly proactively, as part of a campus-wide project to improve Wi-Fi connectivity (which provided the Library with three times as many access points), and secondly reactively by addressing reported incidents relating to poor Wi-Fi connectivity in certain specific areas within the Library, in some cases adding even more access points.


We received four compliments about the cheerfulness of the Library Café’s staff and ensured this positive feedback was passed onto the EAT@ROBINSON Operations Manager. Other comments about the Café were about the food offer and suggestions about having vending machines that accept notes and cards. We are hoping to trial vending machines that accept notes as well as coinage at the Marjorie Robinson Library Rooms in early 2016.

Bike racks

It was good to receive positive feedback on the additional bike rakes installed for the beginning of 2014/15. All the bike rakes continue to be well used and by early Spring demand was once more exceeding the number of bike rakes available. We are working with Estates Support Services to identify new places bike rakes can be installed at both the Robinson Library and the new Marjorie Robinson Library Rooms.

Walton Library

Particular issues which emerged from an analysis of the comments received:

Suggestions for stock

The majority of comment forms received were suggestions for additions to stock. These were either completely new titles or for extra copies of items on reading lists. All suggestions were purchased.


There were a number of comments about the temperature in the Library (both too hot and too cold). We have had a difficulties with a leaking roof, and this has contributed to the Walton Library being too cold in parts. Roof repairs are underway and should be completed for January 2016.


A number of complaints were made about squeaky doors and handles. These were all addressed immediately.

Noise in clusters

Some comments were made about the noise levels in clusters. Working with NUIT, we trialed a silent cluster during exam periods and this was well received. This will become a feature of our tailored examination study environment in the future.


Various requests were made regarding services in the café. Requests for more healthy snacks in the vending machines were passed on to the company that deals with this, and complaints about the slow running of the water cooler were resolved.


We were pleased to receive a number of compliments during the year. Three named individual staff, which was very nice. Our Medicine in Literature Collection was singled out for praise, as was our Christmas tree made of books. It is always good to be able to pass on these compliments to staff involved in these activities to show their extra efforts are appreciated.

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