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Summary of actions taken – 2018-19

Philip Robinson Library

Building and Environment

Ensuring that the temperature in all study areas suits everyone studying and working in the building continues to be a challenge, especially in some of our group study rooms and when the external temperature changes quickly. We continue to work with Estates Support Services to ensure issues are reported and resolved as quickly as is feasible and monitor the balance of the temperature throughout the buildings. Feedback on the study booths installed outside of the café on Level 2 in Spring 2019 was mixed. Many preferred having the former couches and suggested the space was better suited as a place to relax. This feedback informed our decision to relocate the Student Text Collection and exhibition area to create a new social learning area opposite the café. It is great to observe that the space is now being well used for both study and relaxation.

Availability of accessible study rooms was an issue for some of our users. We now have five rooms designated as Accessible Study Rooms at the Philip Robinson Library as well as one at both the Marjorie Robinson Library Rooms and Walton Library. We have worked with colleagues in Estate Support Services to improve accessibility to open study spaces including widening walkways. We have also increased the number of accessible desks and height adjustable desks in these areas. We very much welcome feedback on what we offer so we can continue to improve this aspect of our service.

Some comments were received about how the building’s lighting works. We have been working with Estates Support Services to change our lighting to more energy efficient LED lighting over the past year. Some of the lights go off after a certain period of time if there is no motion in the immediate vicinity, though all emergency escape routes are continuously lit. There were some issues reported regarding some electrical sockets. Our 24/7 team undertakes regular checks of electrical sockets and renews fuses as required. They are also following up issues that are reported regarding specific problems.


A variety of complaints were received regarding various sources of noise, including noise coming from nearby highways. As we renew and refurbish different parts of the library, we continue to consider the impact of different sources of noise on the various study areas we are creating. Indeed, using sound buffering materials to contain the noise from our new social learning area on Level 2 was very high on our agenda when we came to refurbish level 2 in summer 2019. We also continue to offer a noise alert service via which customers can report noise issues in particular parts of the building via text.


All the feedback received regarding the café’s menu and design have been shared with our Catering colleagues and taken into account when refurbishing the café in summer 2019. This work included redesigning its ventilation system to minimise cooked food smells some users pointed out to us.

Level of cleanliness

Being a very busy 24/7 building open most of the year means keeping all areas as clean as we would all like them to be continues to be challenging. We received several complaints about cleanliness of some of the study areas and toilets. These complaints were shared with the Cleaning Team and they did they did their best to resolve issues brought to their attention. NUIT staff also undertook cleaning computers and keyboards during the vacations. Given that cleaning does not happen throughout our opening hours we do rely on users tidying up after themselves.

Bike racks

We received several requests for us to increase the number of bike racks outside both the Philip Robinson Library and Marjorie Robinson Library Rooms. Having increased the number of bike racks significantly over the past few years it is no longer possible to add to the ones we already have. However, we are working with Estate Support Services to ensure that abandoned bikes are removed to release space.

Compliments regarding specific library services and staff

Over 2018/19 we received a number of written compliments that highlighted customers’ appreciation of the different library services and teams. Many of our front-line teams including Print Services, Customer Services, Writing Development Centre and Liaison teams were specifically praised. It is lovely that all the work our staff put into providing customer focused services is appreciated.

Walton Library

Building and environment

The Walton Library has similar temperature challenges to those of Philip Robinson Library. Comments on temperature (both too hot and too cold) are one of our most frequently reported issues with some areas being cooler than others. We therefore also continue to work with Estates Support Services to ensure issues are reported and resolved as quickly as possible.

As a result of a Tell Us What You Think suggestion, one of our PC clusters was made into a ‘quiet cluster’ for a trial period. The trial has been successful, and we will continue to offer this as a quiet PC cluster.

The failure of a computer cluster fire door to close automatically was reported, this was acted upon immediately and the mechanism fixed.

Lack of smartcard access to the Medical school building (and therefore the Walton Library) over a Bank Holiday weekend was reported. On investigation it appeared that all “out of hours” doors had been locked down centrally by the University for the Easter bank holiday - unfortunately it was not recognised that the Walton Library was open during this particular period. A reliable method of communicating our opening hours with those involved has now been put into place.

A few queries regarding additional print facilities were received and passed on to NUIT – although NUIT reported no plans to increase print facilities in the Walton Library itself, they responded to indicate where further print facilities were located within the Faculty, and this information was passed on.


Several recommendations were made for additions to stock, all of which were followed up and purchases made.

The loan period for clinical skills equipment was reviewed and longer loans introduced for some stock following a couple of TUWYT suggestions.

Compliments regarding library staff

Compliments were noted regarding specific members of staff on a number of occasions where the staff members had provided exceptionally helpful service. It is always a delight to receive positive feedback about the customer care provided by library staff, and compliments are always passed on to those involved.

Marjorie Robinson Library Rooms

Buildings and Environment

Customers really appreciated the refurbishment completed in summer 2018 and made suggestions on how we could further improve the new study spaces by slightly changing furniture and signage, as well as how we may better promote the Marjorie Robinson Library Rooms. We also received some lovely compliments about the new garden areas established close to the Marjorie Robinson Library Rooms entrance. Disappointedly, it was noted that these new areas were quickly littered by cigarettes. Library staff took steps to try to discourage people from smoking on the steps or sitting on the garden walls, despite it being clearly signed as a non-smoking area. We also encouraged staff and students to politely ask people to move away from the entrance when smoking. We also continue to work with colleagues from Estate Support Services to regularly clear litter from this area.

Study space availability during busy periods

During busy exam and assessment periods we received a series of complaints students reserving study spaces with for the longer than the 30 minutes allowed for a break. Disappointedly some students also choose to remove belongings themselves, leading to complaints from students who lost their space after less than 30 minutes. Library staff continued work very hard to monitor study space and remove belongings from unattended spaces after 30 minutes following a strict procedure. They also encouraged students to report issues to library staff rather than take action themselves.


Requests for better vegetarian options, especially towards the end of the day, were responded to positively from the Eat@Library Rooms team. Quantities of vegetarian options ordered were checked and also customers were reminded that the café can provide freshly made to order sandwiches and that the team are happy to make up a vegetarian sandwich.


Following extensive renewal work on the building’s heating and ventilation systems made in summer 2018, it is good to note there was only one complaint recorded regarding the temperature of the building. This was quickly responded to by reporting the issue to our colleagues in Estates Support Services who are responsible for monitoring and adjusting university buildings’ temperatures.

Law Library

A few queries regarding printing facilities were received. IT Support Services provided clarification that all the printers in computer clusters are set up to default to double sided printing and charges are made per side rather than per page.

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