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We receive feedback both on printed forms within the Library as well as online. This section indicates the feedback we've formally received together with our responses.

We publish comments, feedback and compliments where authorised to do so. You can browse through recent submissions or use the options to filter by type.

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Feedback #1339 - 20/02/2018

"Please can we have new staplers in he law school library as the current ones are either broken or don't work very well-they just chew up the paper...." [full details]

Last updated/responded: 20/02/2018

Feedback #1327 - 31/01/2018

"Cannot sing the praises of the law library enough. I have been working to a very tight deadline for the last few months, and Cath and the team could not have been more helpful. If I needed books we didn't have, then they worked above and beyond to make sure I could get access - whether through inter..." [full details]

Last updated/responded: 12/02/2018

Feedback #953 - 07/12/2016

"Very helpful staff..." [full details]

Last updated/responded: 08/12/2016

Feedback #618 - 11/11/2015

"I find it very distracting (and annoying) if there is someone sitting next to or near me with headphones on. It is very often possible to hear the music quite clearly...." [full details]

Last updated/responded: 18/11/2015

Feedback #401 - 29/01/2015

"The computers downstairs in the Law Library are very old and slow and we could do with new computers such as those in the Eldon Cluster...." [full details]

Last updated/responded: 05/08/2015

Feedback #356 - 20/11/2014

"Given that there are increasing number of students each year in law, the law library needs to be expanded soon -it's only mid-term and there can still be difficulty in getting places, especially in the computer section. I don't understand why the law school has seen it as necessary to expand the lec..." [full details]

Last updated/responded: 05/08/2015

Feedback #319 - 06/10/2014

"Student feedback/complaint Saturday 4/10/14 c. 5.40pm - Law library closes far too early. Need a particular book, which is only available in law. Need core books here too. Book is available as an e-book, but she doesn't like using them...." [full details]

Last updated/responded: 03/08/2015

Feedback #501 - 15/05/2015

"Firstly I would like to state how fantastic both staff and availability of resources available within the law school - having dedicated and specialised law librarians is a major asset to the law school and something I feel that has benefited my studies over the past 3 years. One issue that I think i..." [full details]

Last updated/responded: 22/07/2015

Feedback #178 - 25/04/2014

"Hi there! I was very happy to receive an email detailing that the law library will be open until midnight on weekends as well as weekdays. However I am still unhappy that the law library only opens at 10am on weekends. I am sure you can appreciate that as a third year student I aim to be in th..." [full details]

Last updated/responded: 11/06/2014

Feedback #177 - 25/04/2014

"As a law student who both works and studies in the law library, I am appalled at the disregard that has been had for student interests at this crucial time of the year. The area of the library which is currently open, as you will know, is difficult to work in due to the building works outside. I..." [full details]

Last updated/responded: 11/06/2014

Feedback #147 - 03/04/2014

"Library staff and student aides are always friendly and helpful! Just two points that have been bugging me: - The computers in the 'Grey Cluster' have become painfully slow and old - sometimes to the point of unuseable! Maybe they could be upgraded?? - Could we get a stapler/hole punch table i..." [full details]

Last updated/responded: 08/04/2014

Feedback #62 - 05/02/2014

"Magda was so helpful and such a delight! She helped me find various books, with a big smile on her face. Great service!..." [full details]

Last updated/responded: 28/03/2014

Feedback #51 - 29/01/2014

"I am a final year law student. My library, as it was sold to me when I applied to study at Newcastle as being a library for law students, is near to being full of non law students. I have been told that I, as a law student, do not have right to study in my own library?! This is ridiculous. Make the ..." [full details]

Last updated/responded: 29/01/2014