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We receive feedback both on printed forms within the Library as well as online. This section indicates the feedback we've formally received together with our responses.

We publish comments, feedback and compliments where authorised to do so. You can browse through recent submissions or use the options to filter by type.

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Feedback #1497 - 23/05/2018

"I am filling this in on behalf of a number of complaints which we have received about our collaborative study areas in the Marjorie Robinson Library Rooms.I do appreciate that we have specific, designated areas for 'silent study', however unfortunately there are several groups of people who abuse th..." [full details]

Last updated/responded: 01/06/2018

Feedback #1495 - 23/05/2018

"Some more signs on desks in silent/quiet study areas reminding students to keep the noise right down might be useful-students have come down complaining about noise and noise alerts don't necessarily help when it is so busy over the exam period. A few more signs might improve it a bit. I think a rul..." [full details]

Last updated/responded: 30/05/2018

Feedback #1498 - 23/05/2018

"There needs to be more rules enforced in collab study areas. I've been in the Marjorie rooms every day and people are behaving in ways which disrupt students from working. examples: playing music out loud, leaving phone notifications on loud, using the area as a social space to hang out instead of u..." [full details]

Last updated/responded: 29/05/2018

Feedback #1483 - 17/05/2018

"Why are there no postgraduate study spaces available apart from the tiny room in the Robbo? Every time we go to try and find space there's always places taken up with no one there etc. We have to be here until September doing dissertations etc but there is no where near enough space dedicated to ..." [full details]

Last updated/responded: 21/05/2018

Feedback #1473 - 16/05/2018

"With it being exam period obviously the library is going to be busy and that the seats will be taken quicker. Yesterday I got to the Robinson library at 9am and couldn't find a single seat. So today I have got here at 8:35 am to find people throwing a pad of paper, a bag, a folder, anything to save..." [full details]

Last updated/responded: 17/05/2018

Feedback #1471 - 15/05/2018

"Please do something about people saving spaces for friends in the morning, all the spaces are full by 8:50am but the library doesn't actually fill up until 10am. You hand out yellow slips in the day time so why not the morning ..." [full details]

Last updated/responded: 16/05/2018

Feedback #1464 - 13/05/2018

"If possible, please could the 30 minute lunch rule be carried out in a way that makes it clear to students it is happening (perhaps through the use of time cards on desks). Yesterday I walked through the entire fourth floor trying to find a seat and it was very frustrating to see so many desks taken..." [full details]

Last updated/responded: 16/05/2018

Feedback #1461 - 11/05/2018

"Please be more vigilant about people eating in the silent study and quiet areas of the library, like you used to be. Covered drinks are fine, food is a big 'no' and this should be actively enforced - it's like the signs aren't clear enough. I'm sick of people eating out of tupperware, rustl..." [full details]

Last updated/responded: 16/05/2018

Feedback #1447 - 08/05/2018

"When trying to book a study room online I cannot tell which rooms/times are available because I am red/green colour blind. A colour blind or numbering system would be really helpful. Using the contrasting colours like yellow and blue would make this process easier!..." [full details]

Last updated/responded: 10/05/2018

Feedback #1436 - 02/05/2018

"--students that leave their stuff on a desk and go to for something to eat/take a break for 2 hrs --students that sit on a pc desk and use their laptop --students who sit on the floor/stairs and are a health & safety risk --students who are incapable of cleaning up after themselves whilst I re..." [full details]

Last updated/responded: 08/05/2018

Feedback #1427 - 30/04/2018

"As a user with mobility difficulties I find it very hard to access the level 2 photocopiers. Could space be cleared around this area? As well as desks and chairs in very close proximity, there are often wires stretched across the floor...." [full details]

Last updated/responded: 30/04/2018

Feedback #1401 - 16/04/2018

" booked a room for my friend and I to study. We studied for almost 2 hours and had another 2 in our booking. My friend left as had some other things to do and I stayed to complete my work. a few moments after, I was asked to leave the room as I'm not allowed to be alone. I saw that as a major inconv..." [full details]

Last updated/responded: 20/04/2018

Feedback #1336 - 12/02/2018

"Can you please fix the floor plugs on level 2 collaborative study please? Many of them are faulty, inconsistent or just don't work. Cheers...." [full details]

Last updated/responded: 13/02/2018

Feedback #1310 - 13/01/2018

"I noticed the survey about how long people should be allowed to take breaks for while leaving their things at their desks and wanted to suggest that we keep the 15 minute rule but add an option for students to have one 30minute break in the day for lunch. Students could ask for a 'lunch slip' when t..." [full details]

Last updated/responded: 16/01/2018

Feedback #1307 - 12/01/2018

"I love how much work has been put into getting more library space, but would it be possible to have adjustable (computer chair style) seating in more of the study spaces. I work on my laptop and almost all the study spaces for that are simple chairs which aren't healthy to sit on for a whole day's w..." [full details]

Last updated/responded: 15/01/2018

Feedback #1278 - 29/11/2017

"The accessible desks you have, well the electric ones which you can adjust the height of. These desks are currently in the middle of the entrance to level 3 and 4. If anyone wanted to work at the desks they would look ridiculous, it would be intrusive on other people and be obnoxious with the elec..." [full details]

Last updated/responded: 30/11/2017

Feedback #1274 - 21/11/2017

"with all the extra students we are constantly having nowhere to sit and end up having to have lunch on the floor. Why can there not be more tables or at least more seats around the table so we are able to eat our lunch in the cafe. Furthermore, there are people working at the tables at the cafe..." [full details]

Last updated/responded: 24/11/2017

Feedback #1273 - 21/11/2017

"There is not enough room in the cafe. we always sit on the floor and then get in the way. More chairs needed...." [full details]

Last updated/responded: 24/11/2017

Feedback #1272 - 21/11/2017

"We always have to eat our lunch on the floor, never any tables or chairs. Get more chairs? Some people sat at table and are working not even eating...." [full details]

Last updated/responded: 24/11/2017

Feedback #1271 - 21/11/2017

"There is no room to have lunch in the library cafe area.There are constantly groups of people sat on the floor, blocking library services in the med school.Especially because there are so many more pharmacy students and med students fromDurham. People are also sat at eating areas doing work, when th..." [full details]

Last updated/responded: 24/11/2017

Feedback #1270 - 21/11/2017

"There's hardly any space in the library,we have to sit on the floor to eat our lunch every time because there aren't enough seats. The library is too small for the number of people using it, as we have lectures in the med school throughout the day, walking to the Robbo isn't really an option.It wou..." [full details]

Last updated/responded: 24/11/2017

Feedback #1250 - 09/11/2017

"On several occasions I have entered a study room (accessible) and found it to have been left in an awful mess. I have reported this a couple of times but whoever is using the rooms is still continuing to eat smelly hot food and leave their lunch on the floor etc. I shouldn't have to clean up afte..." [full details]

Last updated/responded: 09/11/2017

Feedback #1240 - 03/11/2017

"Hi Fellas I am a huge fan of the Library and consider it a home from home. However, I must confess my disappointment in the state of floor one. On my last visit I found it to be besmirched with cartoons relating to Australian marijuana-related humour. As a devout Quaker, I find it extremely upsett..." [full details]

Last updated/responded: 07/11/2017

Feedback #1231 - 20/10/2017

"Far too busy, nowhere to sit. Not even exam season yet and still no space to sit. Something needs to be done...." [full details]

Last updated/responded: 23/10/2017

Feedback #1230 - 20/10/2017

"There is not enough work space in the library, was unable to find a single place to sit and work at 2pm on a Thursday (not during exam time). I can only imagine how overrun it will be during revision heavy times.-people resorting to sit on the floor...." [full details]

Last updated/responded: 23/10/2017

Feedback #1218 - 10/10/2017

"Quite frustrating when people working on cafe tables at lunchtime when work desks available, meaning no where to eat...." [full details]

Last updated/responded: 11/10/2017

Feedback #1203 - 27/09/2017

"No bloody numbers! Cant find a thing...." [full details]

Last updated/responded: 29/09/2017

Feedback #1202 - 27/09/2017

"No shelf markings on end of rows so therefore difficult to find which books are where..." [full details]

Last updated/responded: 29/09/2017

Feedback #1193 - 29/08/2017

"Consider longer opening times during summer, as masters students are working on their biggest projects/dissertations. Also, if this uni is going to allow college students to use the facilities, then they should be told to adhere to the same rules we do. They were so loud and used the clusters as an ..." [full details]

Last updated/responded: 12/09/2017

Feedback #1192 - 23/08/2017

"It would be nice if you could provide to the library some more study lights since in my opinion, the rooms lights are not adequate for studying. ..." [full details]

Last updated/responded: 23/08/2017

Feedback #1148 - 25/05/2017

"I arrived at 7.20, went outside 20 minutes for a coffee. When i came back, all my stuff disappeared. I came to the service desk to get back everything, but my revision notes and my mug were not in the bag with my things collected. when I arrived this morning there were plenty of space!..." [full details]

Last updated/responded: 02/06/2017

Feedback #1142 - 24/05/2017

"I think its absolutely ridiculous that peoples belongings get tidied away after 15 mins when the building is not even full. I have been studying in the academic room on ground floor and the lady at reception keeps tidying away peoples things when they go for a short break and the room is roughly hal..." [full details]

Last updated/responded: 02/06/2017

Feedback #1133 - 22/05/2017

"-Not enough computers -Postgrad should have more computers available -Too many people using Computer for non university needs (such as watching tv shows) -Books are very outdated -Too many people claiming computers- leaving bags/coats/books and are gone for hours-wasting space for those who need..." [full details]

Last updated/responded: 25/05/2017

Feedback #1132 - 22/05/2017

"Students should not be permitted to do work on a laptop whilst sitting at a computer if they are not using the computer. Similarly, students shouldn't be allowed to use the library computers to watch Catch Up TV/ non-uni related TV. ESPECIALLY during exam season. Multiple students stopped other stud..." [full details]

Last updated/responded: 24/05/2017

Feedback #1137 - 22/05/2017

"this isn't the library staffs fault but its really frustrating me the amount of people sat in front of computers in clusters using laptops! they are taking up a computer for no reason and in exam time like now I feel that's very unfair on people who want to actually use cluster computers and cant fi..." [full details]

Last updated/responded: 24/05/2017

Feedback #1127 - 19/05/2017

"Students who leave belongings at a PC then go for a 2hr break. Students who use a laptop at a PC station. Basically students who tie PC's up for no reason...." [full details]

Last updated/responded: 22/05/2017

Feedback #1124 - 17/05/2017

"Once again the library has taken collaborative space and made it into silent space, once again showing how little it cares about people with group work tasks or who simply prefer to be able to talk about their work with people. It's actually ridiculous, it's hard enough finding a group table normall..." [full details]

Last updated/responded: 22/05/2017

Feedback #1121 - 17/05/2017

"One of your library monitors left one of the notes on my desk when I went for lunch, saying that desks are in high demand. Fair enough if I'd gone into town to get lunch, or I was gone for a while, but I was only away from my desk for about 10 minutes - I went straight down to the canteen, ate my pa..." [full details]

Last updated/responded: 22/05/2017

Feedback #1135 - 18/05/2017

"During busy term time, the Walton Library should be restricted to FMS staff and students. We struggle enough to get study rooms, spaces as it is and other subject students are making this worse! We desperately need more study space and any additional study rooms with good sized whiteboards would ..." [full details]

Last updated/responded: 22/05/2017

Feedback #1134 - 18/05/2017

"Library gets very full at exam times! I think during these busy times people who are not from the faculty of Medical Sciences should not be allowed to use the Walton Library. This is the only library that medics etc have with the resources that we need and other faculties have ample space elsewhere..." [full details]

Last updated/responded: 22/05/2017

Feedback #1115 - 10/05/2017

"It is getting busy because of exam period and the silent room is full. The problem is when people come and are either: 1) bathed in their perfume, 2)using essential oils, 3)do not wash themselves,-all room smells like their perspiration. This is a deal breaker when it comes to studying, you CAN N..." [full details]

Last updated/responded: 16/05/2017

Feedback #1100 - 08/05/2017

"Would it be possible to enforce a policy where people cannot leave their things at a desk for longer than twenty minutes? (Like in the Robinson) Have overheard people talking of leaving things for three hours. Have also seen people come back to thier stuff an hour after leaving it. It is too b..." [full details]

Last updated/responded: 09/05/2017

Feedback #1067 - 27/03/2017

"6th form should be allowed entry to the library when the service desk is closed, either with a smartcard. or by the staff at the reception desk. The service desk has no input on entry/exit.of the 6th form. The paper passes allow anyone with the pass to enter as they are not photo ID. No access ou..." [full details]

Last updated/responded: 29/03/2017

Feedback #997 - 19/01/2017

"Hope library adding some standing desk for student studying on their feet. As a mature student, I have a severe lower back pain. Not sure if there are many people like me, but standing is also a good exercise. Right? Thanks!..." [full details]

Last updated/responded: 25/01/2017

Feedback #992 - 16/01/2017

"4pm(ish) ...had food thrown in the bin including:water bottle,bottle of ketchup,coffee,sealed tupperware , iphone official charger,wraps, all other food. Throw in the bin-had been gone just over an hour..." [full details]

Last updated/responded: 18/01/2017

Feedback #972 - 03/01/2017

"I am a student in university of Sunderland, living in Newcastle and I would really like to study in Newcastle libraries as it is much easier for me to come study here than in Sunderland. This new policy is unfair because as we are all students with one goal which is to learn, and as a university man..." [full details]

Last updated/responded: 04/01/2017

Feedback #957 - 08/12/2016

"LIAISE WITH FACULTY when they shut both Pool and Fell to keep all 3 library clusters open. NOT FAIR to here 3 out 5 clusters shut at any one time!..." [full details]

Last updated/responded: 12/12/2016

Feedback #928 - 14/11/2016

"Overall I want to commend you all for an all-round great job. However, I have a suggestion/complaint about floor 4 research area. Chairs have failed to be repaired for the last two years, with some missing arms or listing to one side.. Likewise lighting which is is crucial in such a dark space, is o..." [full details]

Last updated/responded: 14/11/2016

Feedback #906 - 03/11/2016

"Can there be a way that after a person has been gone so long that the computer logs off, that you are allowed to move their stuff? The library computer availability said 49 machines, all these machines had peoples' stuff at them, some even had lap tops?! I don't appreciate having to lug a heavy ..." [full details]

Last updated/responded: 09/11/2016

Feedback #889 - 21/10/2016

"I often witness people eating their lunch in the library silent study computer area, which is sometimes noisy, leaves mess and it clearly not allowed. Today there is a 'library help' individual present but they do not attempt to tell these people that they should not be eating. If they did, people m..." [full details]

Last updated/responded: 31/10/2016

Feedback #874 - 30/09/2016

"Facilities are top rate and suited for any type of study!..." [full details]

Last updated/responded: 03/10/2016

Feedback #830 - 05/06/2016

"I think the room booking system should only allow bookings 24 hours in advance, because otherwise you are left with lots of booking and lots of empty rooms, and students who need them, but cannot use them. (So at any given point 3/4 of the rooms will be empty, yet all booked online, hard for other..." [full details]

Last updated/responded: 22/08/2016

Feedback #801 - 26/05/2016

"'Short stay desks' bookable like study rooms for 15 min slots with maximum stay 2 hrs no return within a hour, during busy exam periods + MORE CAD COMPUTERS..." [full details]

Last updated/responded: 06/06/2016

Feedback #787 - 19/05/2016

"Belongings got taken to the service desk while I had lunch. I asked the IT guy why and he said because you're not allowed to leave for longer than 15 minutes. I had no pre-warning about this therefore, the University does NOT have right to move my belongings. There have been other students that w..." [full details]

Last updated/responded: 23/05/2016

Feedback #791 - 18/05/2016

"I think it's unfair how the majority at the small library space is taken up by castle leazes and Richardson Road students who don't even study medical degrees, just because they can't be bothered making the 'longer' journey to the Robinson library that can actually facilitate the larger number of st..." [full details]

Last updated/responded: 20/05/2016

Feedback #789 - 18/05/2016

"During exam period tables and group rooms are taken up by students who are not medical sciences,this means a lot of time is spent looking for a table/spare computer. Many students using the library are from Ricky road/castle leazes and can't be bothered to walk to the Robinson library, so are using ..." [full details]

Last updated/responded: 20/05/2016

Feedback #788 - 18/05/2016

"The Library is so busy and the majority of the library seems to be taken up by people not studying faculty of Medical Sciences courses. Numerous times I have not been able to find a free area to revise but when I have it is loud and full of chatter by people talking about their own courses, for ex..." [full details]

Last updated/responded: 20/05/2016

Feedback #785 - 18/05/2016

"I was really disappointed to find that the Your Space group study area on level 1 in the Robinson library has been changed to a silent study area without any warning, which is extremely bad timing for the summer exam and revision period. Myself and a large number of other students regularly use that..." [full details]

Last updated/responded: 19/05/2016

Feedback #774 - 09/05/2016

"I love what you have done to Your Space. Perfect temperature and enjoy the spaces down there...." [full details]

Last updated/responded: 18/05/2016

Feedback #766 - 05/05/2016

"I am writing this note to express both my congratulations and concerns to the library staff. Firstly: the temperature! during this time of unexpected heat i am sat on the 3rd floor of the library in the corner. it is very hot! on hotter days please could you turn the air conditioning up?? I don't..." [full details]

Last updated/responded: 12/05/2016

Feedback #759 - 03/05/2016

"L1- Your space has been completely full for the past few weeks, with groups and individuals alike. Following conversion to 'individual study' it is seemingly empty... (9 people at 'peak revision time' I counted) Thanks for wasting some of my £9k a year to reduce a working area to a set of empt..." [full details]

Last updated/responded: 04/05/2016

Feedback #760 - 03/05/2016

"Having being using the 'My Space' area on level 1 this past 4 weeks, I have always noticed that all all tables are used at most points in the day. Now it has been changed into another individual silent study, it is completely un utilised at any point in the day. As there is already a lack of grou..." [full details]

Last updated/responded: 04/05/2016

Feedback #761 - 03/05/2016

"The removal of your space is a real pain and hindrance on revision, it was a UNIQUE area in which as a group we could meet for exam preparation, use the screens to access exam papers and discuss how to answer. This space could be used with no hassle of booking and as we put long(10hr) days in it was..." [full details]

Last updated/responded: 04/05/2016

Feedback #743 - 21/04/2016

"It is constantly impossible to get a long loan anatomy skull, considering the popularity there is surely an argument to invest in buying more! Also, far too often the study spaces with plasma screens are taken by students with laptops not using the computer and plasma. While students who would ac..." [full details]

Last updated/responded: 22/04/2016

Feedback #718 - 11/03/2016

"I love the Marjorie Robinson Library, that it has more group study spaces, but the absence of books is really annoying as often study/research sparks the need to pick up books whilst working. Also it would be better if it could be open all night, especially in exam and deadline hand -in times , as e..." [full details]

Last updated/responded: 14/03/2016

Feedback #690 - 05/02/2016

" A wonderful place to spend some comfortable time while studying. Very modern,comfortable and student orientated..." [full details]

Last updated/responded: 05/02/2016

Feedback #666 - 13/01/2016

"It's really too cold!!! NOT ENOUGH SEATS! OR TABLES..£9K!?..." [full details]

Last updated/responded: 27/01/2016

Feedback #674 - 19/01/2016

"Hi, I don't want to sound too much like I'm having a rant here, but every single time I come to either Robinson or the Marjorie Robinson library I spent 15-20 minutes trawling the floors looking for somewhere to study. To add to the issue every time I find an empty desk, I get to it to find ou..." [full details]

Last updated/responded: 26/01/2016

Feedback #663 - 12/01/2016

"Please have loanable mini white boards and markers here and in the new library..." [full details]

Last updated/responded: 13/01/2016

Feedback #664 - 12/01/2016

"The new library needs an STC...." [full details]

Last updated/responded: 13/01/2016

Feedback #661 - 11/01/2016

"Hi, as always I would like to give some feedback . This time regarding Marjorie Robinson. First of all, you might want to add its name to the list above this section where I had to choose "Your library". Next I loved the computer cluster on the second floor where 2 students sitting next to each othe..." [full details]

Last updated/responded: 13/01/2016

Feedback #426 - 02/03/2015

"Posted by library staff on behalf of user. The Library is already very busy. Are there any plans to create extra space like the Pop up Library asap to cope with this?..." [full details]

Last updated/responded: 05/08/2015

Feedback #356 - 20/11/2014

"Given that there are increasing number of students each year in law, the law library needs to be expanded soon -it's only mid-term and there can still be difficulty in getting places, especially in the computer section. I don't understand why the law school has seen it as necessary to expand the lec..." [full details]

Last updated/responded: 05/08/2015

Feedback #371 - 02/12/2014

"I find it annoying in the Library that there is so few silent areas. Unless I come at 9 in the morning to get one of few computers in the quiet area. There are lots of areas for group work which is great but a lot of people (like me) like to work on a computer in silence independently. I have bee..." [full details]

Last updated/responded: 29/07/2015

Feedback #382 - 13/12/2014

"It is a great library, a "role model" to a future project of a library I have in mind to do in Amman, Jordan. But if we can have some more Private study rooms that are well ventilated that has computers and the ability to use a laptop in and well placed electricity plugs Thank you..." [full details]

Last updated/responded: 29/07/2015

Feedback #527 - 30/05/2015

"Highly annoyed that I came to the library to prepare for exam and we were refused the chance to reuse the room after this time. We waited an hour and returned for a room but were still refused despite rooms being empty all this time. We were told there were two spare empty rooms but they would not..." [full details]

Last updated/responded: 29/07/2015

Feedback #526 - 30/05/2015

"Emptied the room at 2:30 pm - 2:45 pm. There were two study rooms - Group rooms available and we were still not given a room to practice for our presentations exam and our role play exam. This feels very unfair and we were informed by the library staff Alison and Richard that we cannot have the ro..." [full details]

Last updated/responded: 29/07/2015

Feedback #521 - 26/05/2015

"Would be good during exam period library was open earlier than 10:00 am on weekends/bank holidays as the yell cluster is not big enough to accommodate for the vast number of students trying to study before this time. The Robinson Library is also very crowded during exam time meaning it is not ideal ..." [full details]

Last updated/responded: 29/07/2015

Feedback #478 - 01/05/2015

"I'm sure I'm only expressing what everyone is thinking but, seeing the bazillion entitled individuals who feel the need to reserve a computer for themselves before going off to frolic in the fields for several hours, would we have the support of the Library, if we were to move their equipment elsewh..." [full details]

Last updated/responded: 22/07/2015

Feedback #479 - 04/05/2015

"The Robinson library has got worse and worse. Today, I have counted 23 EMPTY computers, which have been left for more than 30 minutes. I am sorry but the staff are not doing patrols and it is getting out of hand, completely. You need to take a tougher stance. Books left on keyboards so they do no..." [full details]

Last updated/responded: 22/07/2015

Feedback #502 - 18/05/2015

"Having arrived at the library at 8.30am this morning I found that many desks were being 'saved' by people for their friends by either placing a book or coat on the desk next to them. This is unfair for students who get up early in order to work. It seems that this is the time staff should go around ..." [full details]

Last updated/responded: 22/07/2015

Feedback #515 - 26/05/2015

"The complete lack of commitment to providing quiet study space for post-graduate students makes this a College not a University Library. I would not recommend Newcastle University as a place of study for this reason...." [full details]

Last updated/responded: 22/07/2015

Feedback #247 - 28/05/2014

"Study Spaces / PCs Study Spaces are in high demand so put more of our £90000 fees into developing more - stop taking it out on the students - if I get to the lib at 8:30 to get a comp I am allowed / fully entitled to a 30 min lunch break. SORT IT OUT. ..." [full details]

Last updated/responded: 16/06/2014

Feedback #212 - 15/05/2014

"The pop up library is a dream! I'm never going back to the Robinson with this little baby here! Thank you so much!..." [full details]

Last updated/responded: 20/05/2014

Feedback #197 - 09/05/2014

"I wish to comment regarding the 15 minute maximum vacation time allowed at desk. Whilst I agree with its purpose, I believe it should be extended for the following reason. My coursemates and I studying Mechanical Engineering work very hard during (and before) exam period, usually clocking between..." [full details]

Last updated/responded: 19/05/2014

Feedback #188 - 06/05/2014

"Pop up Library A great place, hope you can make it open 24/7 during this period. Thank you...." [full details]

Last updated/responded: 16/05/2014

Feedback #184 - 30/04/2014

"Booking study rooms is a really pointless exercise. A two hour slot in a room is not long enough to do anything so why do I have to keep surrendering a room which I got in the library at 9 to study and work in please to someone for them to sit in it for tops 2 hours. There are enough group work sp..." [full details]

Last updated/responded: 16/05/2014

Feedback #210 - 14/05/2014

"Hello, As someone who commutes into Newcastle each day, The Robinson Library is my only realistic location to study. The library staff are always helpful and the facilities, when not busy, are great. However, it is obvious that there are an inadequate number of study spaces and computers. This wa..." [full details]

Last updated/responded: 14/05/2014

Feedback #191 - 06/05/2014

"There are constantly sign up warning people that you will move their belongings if they are gone more than 15 minutes, and yet when I try to get a computer there are absolutely loads of logged out computers with peoples belongings blocking them...." [full details]

Last updated/responded: 09/05/2014

Feedback #120 - 10/03/2014

"Why, why?! Have idle threats that you will remove items at desks that have been left unattended? Simply walking around the library today I noticed at least twenty maybe more computers logged off or logging of due to inactivity, while stuff is left on the desk. Last week I was sitting at a desk where..." [full details]

Last updated/responded: 12/03/2014

Feedback #51 - 29/01/2014

"I am a final year law student. My library, as it was sold to me when I applied to study at Newcastle as being a library for law students, is near to being full of non law students. I have been told that I, as a law student, do not have right to study in my own library?! This is ridiculous. Make the ..." [full details]

Last updated/responded: 29/01/2014

Feedback #34 - 24/01/2014

"I note that the Media Room (CDs and LPs) on 4th floor is often empty and appears to be underutilised. However, the Postgraduate Study Room on 3rd floor is frequently busy or close to maximum occupancy. Is there a case for moving the Media room to a smaller location (e.g. basement) and refit the M..." [full details]

Last updated/responded: 24/01/2014