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We receive feedback both on printed forms within the Library as well as online. This section indicates the feedback we've formally received together with our responses.

We publish comments, feedback and compliments where authorised to do so. You can browse through recent submissions or use the options to filter by type.

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Feedback #363 - 27/11/2014

"Follow up to my previous comment about the microfilm readers. Thank you for replacing the 'broken due to vandalism' signs with 'out of order' ones. However, there are still no instructions for how to use them and now the networked microfilm scanner (on the left) seems to be broken again (I have ..." [full details]

Last updated/responded: 29/07/2015

Feedback #335 - 29/10/2014

"I am concerned by how often equipment in the multimedia room appears to be 'broken due to vandalism'. This term every machine has had one of these notices at one time or another! Vandalism implies deliberate damage which seems highly unlikely - the microfilm readers seem a strange target because..." [full details]

Last updated/responded: 21/07/2015

Feedback #53 - 29/01/2014

"I research early (mainly lute) music and use the excellent collection of hardbound modern editions in the Robinson Library as well as the wonderful collection of (Harvester) microfilms on level 4 - and coupling this to the new digital scanners is an indispensable resource for my researches. Thank yo..." [full details]

Last updated/responded: 29/01/2014