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We receive feedback both on printed forms within the Library as well as online. This section indicates the feedback we've formally received together with our responses.

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Feedback #1469 - 14/05/2018

"I've recently come across a problem in the Marjorie Robinson library regarding the lockers available on the first floor. It seems that students are abusing the locker system by taking their things out of the locker at the end of the day, and re-locking their locker again so that they can keep it for..." [full details]

Last updated/responded: 16/05/2018

Feedback #1312 - 15/01/2018

"There is a lack of lockers available in the Philip Robinson Library, especially during exam season. It's not easy to carry 16 books and a laptop home!..." [full details]

Last updated/responded: 18/01/2018

Feedback #748 - 25/04/2016

"1. The general resources in the library are excellent. 2. The staff are friendly, particular praise goes to the cafe staff who are super kind and make my day! Thanks to all who work in the library! 1. The general appearance of the library could be updated- in particular the weird 'artwork' on the ..." [full details]

Last updated/responded: 04/05/2016

Feedback #367 - 28/11/2014

"Dirty Bin lids - both sets at windows and at printers..." [full details]

Last updated/responded: 05/08/2015

Feedback #513 - 26/05/2015

"Long-term lockers for undergraduate students please: Thanks..." [full details]

Last updated/responded: 22/07/2015

Feedback #333 - 27/10/2014

"1) Extend longer hours on weekend for short-term locker users. 2) Make/have more long-term lockers available for post-graduate students. It's not fun having to haul heavy backpack every day especially when I have to walk 30+ minutes to and from campus. ..." [full details]

Last updated/responded: 21/07/2015

Feedback #213 - 15/05/2014

"I think it would be a good idea for the library to get some lockers for people to use while in the library to leave stuff securely while they go for a break or for something to eat. I have thought about how this would be managed so that someone does not just claim a locker for all of exam period a..." [full details]

Last updated/responded: 16/05/2014

Feedback #139 - 25/03/2014

"Please do something to improve the Wifi in the Library, it is particularly slow and inconsistent in the group space on L2. Also, I would like to express how uncomfortable me and several of my course mates have been made to feel recently regarding our regular use of the library lockers. This servi..." [full details]

Last updated/responded: 31/03/2014

Feedback #65 - 10/02/2014

"I think that the library staff are all so helpful, however it is so unfortunate that the night staff (who probably have the most boring jobs anyway ... and are normally the most friendly) cannot, even if they want to, help us out. For example today (Saturday 8th February) I wanted to borrow a locke..." [full details]

Last updated/responded: 13/02/2014

Feedback #13 - 16/01/2014

"As a postgraduate I am often carrying around a lot of books as many I cannot get online. After enquiring several times about the lockers, as I spend most of my time here, 7 days a week, I have learn't there is still a long waiting list for lockers. I think this system is a great idea but feel ther..." [full details]

Last updated/responded: 16/01/2014