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We receive feedback both on printed forms within the Library as well as online. This section indicates the feedback we've formally received together with our responses.

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Feedback #1535 - 18/07/2018

"Is it possible to get re-shelving trollies for books used but not taken out/issued? This would be preferable to them being reshelved in the wrong place or left abandoned on desks. It would also provide a place to look when finding a book is not on the shelf in place but not "checked out"...." [full details]

Last updated/responded: 20/07/2018

Feedback #1519 - 12/06/2018

"1) I think a new book by Carl Zimmer called 'She has her Mother's Laugh' would make a useful addition to the Medicine in Literature collection. 2) While we have access to the nature journal and many of its branches, we do not have access to the 'Nature reviews Disease Primers' journal, which con..." [full details]

Last updated/responded: 15/06/2018

Feedback #1518 - 07/06/2018

"I looked for the book "statistical methods in diagnostic medicine" and couldn't find it in the library. This is a standard text for diagnostics and I think should be added to the catalogue. We have a NIHR-funded group specialising in the development of in-vitro diagnostics and this book would be inv..." [full details]

Last updated/responded: 15/06/2018

Feedback #1449 - 04/05/2018

"Lack of copies of Best of Fives for Dentistry. 2 books per 70-80 students isn't sufficient...." [full details]

Last updated/responded: 08/05/2018

Feedback #1339 - 20/02/2018

"Please can we have new staplers in he law school library as the current ones are either broken or don't work very well-they just chew up the paper...." [full details]

Last updated/responded: 20/02/2018

Feedback #1305 - 08/01/2018

"Would you be able to get an online version of the book "Half The Sky" by Nicholas Kriscof and Sheryl WuDunn? It would be really helpful to have an online copy as multiple students can access it at once and you can control F search for different terms e.g. healthcare throughout the book- quicker than..." [full details]

Last updated/responded: 09/01/2018

Feedback #1267 - 21/11/2017

"I would propose to have more current and up to date science journals including "New Scientist" in the Walton library.(They are currently only until 2007)..." [full details]

Last updated/responded: 24/11/2017

Feedback #1252 - 06/11/2017

"More headphones in Library, there are too few...." [full details]

Last updated/responded: 09/11/2017

Feedback #1233 - 23/10/2017

"Could I request the 500 Single Best Answers in medicine text book by Sukhpreet Singh Dubb (ISBN 978-1-444-12152-0) It's a great book for practice and there is only 1 copy in the library-it would be nice to have 2 or 3. Thanks!..." [full details]

Last updated/responded: 25/10/2017

Feedback #1201 - 27/09/2017

"More Headphones please, there is never any left!!..." [full details]

Last updated/responded: 29/09/2017

Feedback #1181 - 19/07/2017

"Hi I was wondering if the Walton Library could purchase a book that my friends and I were looking to borrow: 'Family that couldn't sleep: A medical mystery' The review of the book is really good and this book promised to take us into the deepest mysteries of biology. Now mis-folded protein..." [full details]

Last updated/responded: 20/07/2017

Feedback #1070 - 29/03/2017

"The textbook Human Disease in Dentistry-2009- Greenwood & Seymour. This is a core text book which is being used by most of the year +70 students. I've recalled this book several times, but it's always in short supply.Purchasing more textbooks of this title would be much appreciated. especially befo..." [full details]

Last updated/responded: 31/03/2017

Feedback #1063 - 21/03/2017

"It would be really useful for the UG Biomedical Sciences students if you could put out the following textbook previous editions for sale: -Principles of Pharmacology -Physiology: An integrated approach(Silverthorn) -Janeway's immunobiology -Breck's biology of microorganisms I find most books ..." [full details]

Last updated/responded: 22/03/2017

Feedback #1047 - 09/03/2017

"Only one of the library staplers work, and it still ejects all the staples after each attempt. Perhaps invest in some new stationery equipment Thanks...." [full details]

Last updated/responded: 13/03/2017

Feedback #1025 - 27/02/2017

"Please would it be possible to gain online access to the Journal of Studies on Alcohol and Drugs? Particularly the article: Title: Stages of progression in drug involvement from adolescence to adulthood: Further evidence for the gateway theory Author: D.B. Kandel Is Part Of: Journal of St..." [full details]

Last updated/responded: 27/02/2017

Feedback #965 - 21/12/2016

"Please can you get a set of greys anatomy flash cards?..." [full details]

Last updated/responded: 22/12/2016

Feedback #964 - 21/12/2016

"Netters advanced head and neck anatomy flash cards can we possibly make them 1 week loan rather than 1 day loan. they are rarely used and I've had to come in every day religiously to renew them form more than a week. even if it is a week loan if they're requested the loan could be shortened. Thank ..." [full details]

Last updated/responded: 22/12/2016

Feedback #956 - 08/12/2016

"Just wondering if I could request a book? It's the OXFORD ASSESS AND PROGRESS CLINICAL SPECIALITIES book. It's a series of MCQs that I feel would be helpful...." [full details]

Last updated/responded: 09/12/2016

Feedback #939 - 26/11/2016

"Hello nice people who work in the library, Would it be possible to obtain more copies of Molecular and Genome Evolution by Dan Graur? The module BIO3041 is built around that textbook. There is tough competition for only a limited number of copies and students are spending far more time stuck in a..." [full details]

Last updated/responded: 30/11/2016

Feedback #923 - 11/11/2016

"From time to time I consult the Dictionary of Medieval Latin from British Sources (R477DIC). This was published in 17 fasicules and the library holds 1 - 5 (to the end of L) in a single bound volume and the rest in fasicules. However, fasicules 6-11(inclusive) are not on the shelf. I have been aware..." [full details]

Last updated/responded: 15/11/2016

Feedback #924 - 12/11/2016

"I am finding more and more books which have been marked by readers. either in pencil or in the worst cases pen and highlighter. could the library not run some kind of promotion dissuading people from damaging what are, in some cases, valuable learning instruments...." [full details]

Last updated/responded: 15/11/2016

Feedback #915 - 08/11/2016

"Please could you buy more "The Dental Foundations Interview Guide", there are only 2 copies...." [full details]

Last updated/responded: 10/11/2016

Feedback #905 - 01/11/2016

"Dear All, I am writing this email to report an issue with the Philip Robinson Library. I am a postgraduate student in Translating for European Languages and am currently writing essays for my course. I usually work in the Philip Robinson Library because of the amount of books needed to complet..." [full details]

Last updated/responded: 04/11/2016

Feedback #898 - 26/10/2016

"Please order if possible; The Biology of Belief Bruce Liplott Many thanks...." [full details]

Last updated/responded: 27/10/2016

Feedback #897 - 21/10/2016

"More needed of; 'foundations of Periodontics for the dental hygienist 3rd Edition- Neild Gehesrig..." [full details]

Last updated/responded: 27/10/2016

Feedback #896 - 21/10/2016

"PLEASE can we have more Janeways', Kubys,' Cancer Biology, The Biology of Cancer(Weinburg) texts? we need them for MRes modules (they are absolutely essential) and too expensive to buy. Thanks!..." [full details]

Last updated/responded: 27/10/2016

Feedback #891 - 20/10/2016

"Could you please get more copies of the 'Clinical Problem Solving Dentistry' books. All types (restorative and Paediatric). We all seem to need them at the same time!..." [full details]

Last updated/responded: 24/10/2016

Feedback #884 - 18/10/2016

"Could you please purchase an 11th edition copy of Developmental Biology by Gilbert and Barrell for student texts? Thank you!..." [full details]

Last updated/responded: 19/10/2016

Feedback #878 - 05/10/2016

"First thing we learn about is vertebrae in MBBS so would be good to have some for loan in library ..." [full details]

Last updated/responded: 06/10/2016

Feedback #877 - 05/10/2016

"I have just picked up my copy of Davidson's essentials of medicine, and just wanted to say thanks for ordering this and getting it to me this quickly ..." [full details]

Last updated/responded: 06/10/2016

Feedback #870 - 20/09/2016

"Can I request that the following books become available in the library. - Davidsons essentials of medicine: J. Alastair Innes - Oxford assess and progress: Medical Sciences..." [full details]

Last updated/responded: 21/09/2016

Feedback #869 - 19/09/2016

"I would recommend adding 'Up to Date' to your resources. Vitally useful for up to date medical diagnosis, investigation, management. Every other medical school has it. ..." [full details]

Last updated/responded: 21/09/2016

Feedback #866 - 08/09/2016

"I wish to mention that for Scottish Health Statistics the years 1985 to 1994 are missing from the online catalogue while being present in the compact shelving: Robinson Library -Government Publications Level 1 GPS SCO...." [full details]

Last updated/responded: 14/09/2016

Feedback #863 - 22/08/2016

"The book 'Gender Hurts' by Sheila Jeffreys (Level 3, 3-6.768 JEF) claims to be a study on transgenderism and can be found alongside queer theory texts. The opening sentence is "This book will explore the harms created by the ideology and practice of transgenderism" and continues in what is a blaten..." [full details]

Last updated/responded: 22/08/2016

Feedback #853 - 11/07/2016

"Knee Joint model appreciated...." [full details]

Last updated/responded: 20/07/2016

Feedback #852 - 29/06/2016

"Can you extend the use of the DNA Models for at least one week? Does anyone borrow them at present? ..." [full details]

Last updated/responded: 20/07/2016

Feedback #781 - 12/05/2016

"Please could we get more sets of the model teeth- especially the adult teeth..." [full details]

Last updated/responded: 13/05/2016

Feedback #718 - 11/03/2016

"I love the Marjorie Robinson Library, that it has more group study spaces, but the absence of books is really annoying as often study/research sparks the need to pick up books whilst working. Also it would be better if it could be open all night, especially in exam and deadline hand -in times , as e..." [full details]

Last updated/responded: 14/03/2016

Feedback #708 - 22/02/2016

"I just wanted the library to consider buying more copies of the book "Complete revision notes for medical and surgical finals". The book has been on back to back 1 week loans for a while. Also, with finals fast approaching, more and more final year medical students will be wanting revision books s..." [full details]

Last updated/responded: 29/02/2016

Feedback #697 - 17/02/2016

"Would it be possible to get Harvard citing for the library search cite button?..." [full details]

Last updated/responded: 22/02/2016

Feedback #653 - 17/12/2015

"Final Year Medical Students take the PSA exam in February and have limited teaching. The library has one copy of 'Student success in the PSA' by Vilius. I've had a hold request on the book for two weeks and can now only have it for a week as there is a queue of urgent requests after mine! Might i..." [full details]

Last updated/responded: 21/12/2015

Feedback #642 - 07/12/2015

"RECLAIM ROBINSON FOR PHYSICAL RESOURCES! There is no section in government publications given over to the devolved adminsistrations of our United Kingdom. Thus to find out about policy on devolved matters such as health or education in Scotland, one has to search annual reports shelved alphabetic..." [full details]

Last updated/responded: 18/12/2015

Feedback #632 - 25/11/2015

"Demonstrated Anatomy DVD- part 2 not on the shelves-please could I request this..." [full details]

Last updated/responded: 30/11/2015

Feedback #621 - 16/11/2015

"Janeway's Immunobiology- 47 copies, none to be returned for at least 14 days and even then I'm 7th in line for the requests queue. Can I suggest that more copies are purchased for a text that is clearly in huge demand...." [full details]

Last updated/responded: 18/11/2015

Feedback #609 - 03/11/2015

"Only 19 copies of a book, which is essential reading for my course, and costs £60. Also written by lecturers. Already requested one, but none left. Book called "Genetics and Complex Disease"..." [full details]

Last updated/responded: 06/11/2015

Feedback #603 - 25/10/2015

"For module BGM3061 of Biomedical Genetics run by Peter Donaldson, he has listed his book 'Genetics of Complex Disease' an essential, however this book isn't in the library. This has meant that we will each have to pay between £40-£50 to get access to the book. Please can something be done about th..." [full details]

Last updated/responded: 27/10/2015

Feedback #602 - 25/10/2015

"Would it be possible to request the book 'Genetics of Complex Disease' by Peter Donaldson for the module BGM3061. It has been said to us that this is an ESSENTIAL Book as it was specially written for the module. It is rather disappointing that the book is not stocked by the library and is leading t..." [full details]

Last updated/responded: 27/10/2015

Feedback #601 - 25/10/2015

"As part of the 3rd year Biomedical Genetics, the module BGM3061 run by Dr Peter Donaldson has listed his own book 'Genetics of Complex Diseases as essential reading. Myself and my peers have since noticed that the book, which would go a long way to help improve our understanding of the module. At Â..." [full details]

Last updated/responded: 27/10/2015

Feedback #599 - 23/10/2015

"I would like to suggest the following book for addition to medical library: Monte Carlo Calculations in Nuclear Medicine Ljungberg ISBN 9781439841099 CRC Press Nov 2012..." [full details]

Last updated/responded: 27/10/2015

Feedback #596 - 20/10/2015

"I have been waiting for a book on hold for quite a while now and was informed by a member of staff that there is a long waiting list and only 1 copy of the book. It is part of Stage 2 Dentistry reading list for CTB so I suggest an additional copy is bought and maybe kept in student texts.(In our stu..." [full details]

Last updated/responded: 21/10/2015

Feedback #578 - 30/09/2015

"Initial observations on the new computer system: Good - you apparently now get an automated e-mail if you have asked for a book to be bought, when it is in. That didn't used to be automatic; someone had to actually do it, AFAIK. Bad - When you get a courtesy e-mail to say some books are due ba..." [full details]

Last updated/responded: 02/10/2015

Feedback #563 - 03/08/2015

"1.) Room 412 - Level 4 has the architecture dissertations 'n thesis samples. However this room is always booked for teaching/study. Is there any chance of moving the architecture resources to another location so that they are more accessible as it gets quite awkward interrupting people using the ..." [full details]

Last updated/responded: 06/08/2015

Feedback #325 - 09/10/2014

"Grainger and Allison's Diagnostic Radiology 6th edition ISBN 9780702042959 great book for radiology registrar preparing for final FRCE exams..." [full details]

Last updated/responded: 05/08/2015

Feedback #319 - 06/10/2014

"Student feedback/complaint Saturday 4/10/14 c. 5.40pm - Law library closes far too early. Need a particular book, which is only available in law. Need core books here too. Book is available as an e-book, but she doesn't like using them...." [full details]

Last updated/responded: 03/08/2015

Feedback #318 - 01/10/2014

"Please order more copies of a book necessary for the Craniofacial and Tooth Biology Module of the Bachelor of Dental Surgery course. There are a number of copies but still a shortfall and many students are still unable to get hold of a copy The book is: Ten Cate's Oral Histology (8th Ed.) b..." [full details]

Last updated/responded: 03/08/2015

Feedback #368 - 28/11/2014

"I know you've had previous requests for it in the past but UPTODATE is a very useful tool for clinical year medical students and I'm wondering if in the future it is possible to get a University subscription. Its a massive hole in what the library currently provides and covers topics that no textboo..." [full details]

Last updated/responded: 29/07/2015

Feedback #392 - 15/01/2015

"Continued renewal of "Oral Medicine - Gandolfo. S., Scully, C. & Carrozzo, M. in long loan. Unable to get a copy. ?more copies/cap long loan renewal attempts e.g. 2 then return is mandatory. Thanks..." [full details]

Last updated/responded: 29/07/2015

Feedback #549 - 13/07/2015

"Please could you consider purchasing: Grainger and Allison's Essentials of Diagnostic Radiology You have the full 6th Ed. books (which is great), but the Essentials book is more compact and it would be good to have some copies here. Many thanks...." [full details]

Last updated/responded: 29/07/2015

Feedback #522 - 28/05/2015

"1) The exit barrier is broken, so when anyone exits, it is really loud. And it is difficult to study hearing that constantly. Especially when many people are leaving the library. 2) Book request: Would it be possible to get the book: "Room by Emma Donoghue" please. Many thanks. ..." [full details]

Last updated/responded: 29/07/2015

Feedback #455 - 02/04/2015

"Please can you get more copies of "How the Immune System Works" by Lauren Sompayrac? it's the bee's knees. Thanks..." [full details]

Last updated/responded: 29/07/2015

Feedback #440 - 11/03/2015

"Human Physiology - an integrated Approach - Silverthorn is really hard to get hold of. It's on the reading list of several modules & courses so is in great demand. please consider investing in some more...." [full details]

Last updated/responded: 29/07/2015

Feedback #409 - 09/02/2015

"I have found some films (cartoon) of Miyazaki, Hayan (the Japanese master) such as <Spirited Away>, <Ponyo on the cliff>. However, in my heart, his work <Castle in the sky> which can stand the UK's style of the industrial revolution. If we can get one, it will be very cool. ..." [full details]

Last updated/responded: 27/07/2015

Feedback #402 - 29/01/2015

"I recommend that Walton Library obtains a copy of the following book:- The Statistical Evaluation of Medical Tests for Classification and Prediction (Oxford Statistical Science Series) by Margaret Sullivan Pepe ISBN-13: 978-0198565826 ISBN-10: 0198565828 Margaret is a Professor of Biostati..." [full details]

Last updated/responded: 27/07/2015

Feedback #425 - 02/03/2015

"Recently I have borrowed several books from the library, all of which came to me with very heavy markings throughout the book that were mostly done in pen. This makes it very difficult for me to make my own notes and read the text on my own terms and later use it for my dissertation. As this has hap..." [full details]

Last updated/responded: 23/07/2015

Feedback #465 - 21/04/2015

"Thank you! I requested a book be ordered after it was not available at Newcastle or by inter-library loan. The book was very expensive but important as by a former Master of Painting at the University. The staff were helpful throughout as I explained that I have received a commission from the Hatton..." [full details]

Last updated/responded: 23/07/2015

Feedback #347 - 06/11/2014

"THANK YOU for my week-long skull loan! ..." [full details]

Last updated/responded: 21/07/2015

Feedback #330 - 22/10/2014

"I am concerned about the inconsiderate and selfish defacing of almost all the books I have read or glanced at in the University Library. Underlining, highlighting and adding comments to the text, distract and interfere with my ability to read and absorb the information as the author intended. I ..." [full details]

Last updated/responded: 21/07/2015

Feedback #317 - 01/10/2014

"Can you buy more copies of Oral Histology - Ten Cate Narci. Thank you!..." [full details]

Last updated/responded: 21/07/2015

Feedback #316 - 29/09/2014

"Not enough books. Waiting too long for essential reading books - Cawsons's Oral Pathology - Introduction to Orthodontics, Mitchell..." [full details]

Last updated/responded: 21/07/2015

Feedback #313 - 26/09/2014

"Suggestion for The Medicine in Literature section: Of human bondage by W. Somerset Maughan. Great Collection! this is my favourite part of the Library..." [full details]

Last updated/responded: 21/07/2015

Feedback #299 - 21/07/2014

"I have noticed that there appears to be very few paperback books for Android Programming. This is a very important area of computer science and it is particularly frustrating when all the resources are online and require approval. Please buy a couple of hard copies which students can refer to...." [full details]

Last updated/responded: 01/08/2014

Feedback #250 - 28/05/2014

"Need whiteboard in special access room. Need many more paper copies of BNF. ..." [full details]

Last updated/responded: 28/05/2014

Feedback #199 - 09/05/2014

"ASt Cambridge Medical Library they; have a magazine rack of their current journal subscriptions. I found this a really useful facility and nice to be able to see the current hard copies of the main journals. I think this would be a really valuable asset for the Walton and would definately be utilise..." [full details]

Last updated/responded: 09/05/2014

Feedback #148 - 04/04/2014

"I'm a fourth year student aout to start an SSC in Paediatric neurology. I have been told I need this book by my supervisor (Rob Forsyth) and that I could find it in the Walton, however I cannot. I was hoping you would consider getting it in? Paediatric Neurology - Rob, Forsyth, Richard W. Newton, 2..." [full details]

Last updated/responded: 04/04/2014

Feedback #144 - 31/03/2014

"The book 'OSCE cases with mark schemes ISBN 9781848290631 is in very high demand especially before MBBS final exam. But there is only 1 copy in the library. Please purchase more copies please. Thanks. ..." [full details]

Last updated/responded: 31/03/2014

Feedback #140 - 25/03/2014

"If at all possible, i would like to request a physical copy of the book Meseniliymal Stem Cell Theraphy by Lucas G chase and mohan C Vemuri, human Press Inc. (2012), for which there is currently only online access..." [full details]

Last updated/responded: 25/03/2014

Feedback #126 - 13/03/2014

"Would it be possible to purchase more than 1 copy of Madleod's Clinical diagnosis by Japp and robertson. It compliments Macleod's examination book and is very useful in third and fifth year...." [full details]

Last updated/responded: 13/03/2014

Feedback #87 - 20/02/2014

"I was delighted to see the new "ping-pong ball initiative" devised for the allocation of new library space. I was confused however to see that there was no option for allocation of new library space to the housing of more physical book resources. I hope this was an oversight of epic proportion..." [full details]

Last updated/responded: 25/02/2014

Feedback #86 - 20/02/2014

"In your records of the North East writer Sid Chaplin, there is no mention of his involvement or the influence of the Spennymoor Settlement, which set Sid on his literary path,providing education and opportunity. This was widely acknowledged by Sid and his family...." [full details]

Last updated/responded: 20/02/2014

Feedback #84 - 18/02/2014

"Please buy Molecular Biology of the Gene by james D. Watson 7th edition. There's only one copy of this edition in the Library, and it is thus not readily available for the large amount of students that need it Reply to Erika Thanks a lot for getting back to me. Molecular Biology of the gene is n..." [full details]

Last updated/responded: 18/02/2014

Feedback #72 - 12/02/2014

"I was wondering if the library would consider getting "A Rapid Review of Clinical Medicine for MRCP Part 2" as you have Part 1 of this book. Thank you. ..." [full details]

Last updated/responded: 13/02/2014

Feedback #73 - 13/02/2014

"Oncology at a Glance Dr G Dark Please can we have a few copies of this in the short loan section. ..." [full details]

Last updated/responded: 13/02/2014

Feedback #74 - 13/02/2014

"Can't access many of the papers on Ovid Medline. Keeps coming up as pay per view and trying to charge me 50 dollars a thing...." [full details]

Last updated/responded: 13/02/2014

Feedback #75 - 13/02/2014

"Recommend online access to an anatomy book used by lecturers in lower limb which we don't have. Moses. Atlas of Clinical Gross Anatomy Thanks ..." [full details]

Last updated/responded: 13/02/2014

Feedback #76 - 13/02/2014

"Could we have an additional copy of Rang and Dale's Pharmacology flashcards in student texts (or even better, in long loans!) please? They're really useful for visual learners and for revision but there's only one 4 hour loan copy. Thanks...." [full details]

Last updated/responded: 13/02/2014

Feedback #77 - 13/02/2014

"I would really appreciate if the loan of a skull or half head could be extended for more than a day as it is a little inconvenient having to bring them back daily especially when you are not in the university. If it is not able to be extended, then it would be good if we can renew them. Thank y..." [full details]

Last updated/responded: 13/02/2014

Feedback #53 - 29/01/2014

"I research early (mainly lute) music and use the excellent collection of hardbound modern editions in the Robinson Library as well as the wonderful collection of (Harvester) microfilms on level 4 - and coupling this to the new digital scanners is an indispensable resource for my researches. Thank yo..." [full details]

Last updated/responded: 29/01/2014