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Introducing Study Well@NCL

25 April 2022

As you prepare your final assignments and in the lead up to exams, we recognise it can be a stressful time for many. The aims of Study Well@NCL are all about support - how we can support you, and how you can support yourself and others. 

How we can support you

All four libraries are open, and you can use all of them - all you need is your smartcard. And we've extended the Walton Library opening hours so you can study there for longer. There are a range of open and bookable study spaces available, including bookable individual study spaces in the Philip Robinson Library and Walton Library. 

We are introducing our Study Well@NCL campaign which advocates a responsible approach to studying and encourages positive behaviours in study spaces. This includes managing our study spaces and offering a Noise Alert text service if you’re being disturbed by noise in a silent study area, so you can study effectively. 

We have a wealth of resources available to help support your studies. Our specialist staff from the Writing Development Centre, Liaison Team and Academic Skills Team are able to offer help and advice through a variety of drop-in and one-to-one sessions, including our Exam Clinic running from 17-19 May. You can also explore our online Academic Skills Kit. 

How you can support others

Be mindful of others when you’re studying in the Library. If you’re sitting in a silent area and need to talk, please move to an alternative space so you’re not disturbing others. We know our buildings can get really busy so if you’re leaving for longer than 30 minutes, take your belongings with you so someone else can use the space, or use a locker available at Philip Robinson Library and Marjorie Robinson Library Rooms. Help keep our building environment clean for others to use by removing your rubbish, and observe the eating and drinking policy on our floors so that other people aren’t distracted.

How you can support yourself

The Study Well@NCL page offers advice to support your wellbeing, including information on our various collections for those times when you may want to take a break from your studies, and links to our playlists on Spotify. You can pick up a Study/Wellbeing Kit from the library which includes helpful study tips and activities to help you relax when you're taking time out.

If you’re feeling stressed and anxious, there are a variety of wellbeing and support links including Student WellbeingChaplaincy and Pastoral Care Team and NUSU Student Welfare for help and advice both online and in person.

Last updated 06 May 2022