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Write Here, Write Now

Write Here, Write Now

Write Here, Write Now is our regular writers’ group, for students who are looking for a structured, supportive environment to get some work done. You’ll be surprised how much you can achieve in 90 minutes! 

Whether you attend regularly for a bit of routine in your schedule, or just need an occasional motivation boost now and then, our weekly writers’ group will help give you the time, focus and headspace to produce some writing. Write Here, Write Now is a supportive online community where you can feel less isolated and benefit from the company of our WDC tutors and other students, share tips on staying motivated and productive during the writing process, and offer moral support.

  • 90mins focussed writing
  • Every Wednesday from 10-11:30am 
  • Termtime and vacations 
  • Currently online, via Zoom

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Write Here, Write Now is not a writing class. If you are looking for resources on writing you will find some valuable Writing Development Centre resources on the Academic Skills Kit website.

For language provision materials, you might like to visit: