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Exam papers

Newcastle University exam papers are available on line at www.ncl.ac.uk/exam.papers.

You will need to enter your campus log-in details in order to access this database.

Newcastle Law School

Newcastle Law School exam papers are not available through the University's Exam Papers On-line service.

You need to access Law past exam papers through Blackboard.

Once you have logged in:

  • Click on the Community tab (near the top of the screen)
  • Click on Law - Postgraduate or Law - Undergraduate (in My Communities), as appropriate
  • Click on the Essay & Exam button (in the left-hand menu)
  • Click on Exams

You will find exam papers for the past 3 years for both Semester 1 and 2.

To access these exam papers off-campus, you will need to access Blackboard through RAS (the Remote Application Service).

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