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Trevelyan (Walter Calverley) Archive

Subject strengths: History, Local History, Natural History, Geology

The Trevelyan Papers, deposited by the Trevelyan family, are those of several generations of the Trevelyan family whose home was Wallington Hall, Northumberland. The archive is rich and diverse, not least because the family had so many roles and indulged so many interests between them that the archive can truly be described as multi-disciplinary.

Walter Calverley Trevelyan (1797-1870) campaigned for temperance but had an active interest in botany and geology - his papers include pressed plant specimens, as well as items on various scientific subjects (science, applied science, scientific societies, research, chemistry, the Newcastle College of Physical Science, zoology, Kew Gardens, the Royal Botanical Gardens in Edinburgh, natural history and the Hancock Museum in Newcastle, mineralology and phrenology). Additionally, there is material on the Wansbeck, Central Northumberland and North British railways; mining and the Davy lamp; and on Newcastle schools, reform schools and school boards. His wife, Pauline (1816-1866), was a friend of John Ruskin, Charles Algernon Swinburne, William Bell Scott (who painted one of the murals in the central hall at Wallington) and some of the Pre-Raphaelites.

Collection Name and Collection Reference Code:

Collection Name: Trevelyan (Walter Calverley) Archive

Archive Ref Code: GB186/WCT

Date Range of Material

1797 - 1870

Type of Material

Personal archive

Size of Collection

34 Linear Metres 

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Finding Aid:

Catalogues are available in hard-copy from the Special Collections Reading Room. A scan of the catalogue (which can be text-searched) is also available:

Trevelyan (Walter Calverley) Archive Catalogue via online listing.

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Other Resources:

For the papers of Charles Philips Trevelyan’s niece Mary Moorman, see Moorman (Mary) Papers. Other collections with family links to the Trevelyans include Bell (Gertrude) Papers, and Plowden (Lady Bridget) Papers.

Material from this collection was used in our Treasures of the Month feature for February 2002, July 2013 and July 2014.

Projects, Progress and Updates:

In 2012, having previously been on loan since 1967, the Trevelyan Papers were kindly gifted to Special Collections by the family.

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