Friends Collection

Subject strengths: General, Literature

The Friends Collection has been built-up through purchases with funds from the Friends of the University Library. It contains such rare books as Robert Boyle's Tracts: containing I. Suspicions about some hidden qualities of the air … (1674), J. Dryden's Albion and Albanius (1691), Some considerations on the consequences of the French settling colonies on the Mississippi: with respect to the trade and safety of the English plantations in America and the West-Indies (1720), various pamphlets by Thomas Paine and Edmund Burke, Newcastle songsters and other local material such as Report of the Orphan-House Sunday-School, Newcastle upon Tyne (1815-16). English literature is a particular strength of the collection.


Collection Name and Collection Reference Code:

Collection Name: Friends Collection

Library Catalogue Collection Ref Code: Friends

Date Range of Material

1585 - 1988

Type of Material

Rare book collection

Size of Collection

19 Linear Metres of shelving 

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Other Resources

Information about the Friends of the University Library, including how to join, can be found in this here.

Material from this collection was used in our Treasures of the Month feature for February 2004 and January 2012.