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White (Robert) Collection

Subject strengths: Literature, Local History

The White Collection, named after Robert White (1802-1874) was presented to King's College (now Newcastle University) by his great nephew George White Pickering. It is a rich source of literature as well as being strong in ecclesiastical and local history such as James Raine's writings on local history and antiquities.

There are works by John Dryden, William Hazlitt, Thomas Hood, James Thomson, Robert Burns, Mark Akenside, Thomas Chatterton, John Gay, H.W. Longfellow, Matthew Prior, John Keats, John Milton, James Hogg, John Clare, Edgar Allan Poe, George Herbert, William Cowper, Thomas Gray and the poems of Ossian as well as several works by S.T. Coleridge, including Aids to reflection (1848), Biographia literaria (1817), Confessions of an inquiring spirit (1849) and The friend (1850). Alongside the work of these distinguished authors sit English and Scottish ballads, garlands and chapbooks including some which were printed in Newcastle.

Collection Name and Collection Reference Code:

Collection Name: White (Robert) Collection

Library Catalogue Collection Ref Code: W

Date Range of Material

1601 - 1966

Type of Material

Rare book collection. This is the personal library of Robert White.

Size of Collection

154 Linear Metres of shelving 

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Other Resources

See White (Robert) Papers for archival material related to Robert White's activities and collecting.

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