Clarke (Edwin) General Archive

Subject strengths: General

Collected by Edwin Clarke (1919-1996), the Clarke General Collection is a run of cuttings, illustrations, manuscripts and historic documents which are organised into two sequences: a subject sequence and a biographical sequence.

Subjects range from the weather, food and actors, to Victorian 'freakshow' acts whilst items in the biographical sequence include silk in red, white and blue with a note asserting them to be “Pieces of the silk of which the flags that waved over Napoleon were made.” (St. Helena, 1843); portraits of Charlotte Brontë (1857) and Daniel Defoe; manuscript letters from John Ruskin, William Wilberforce, the Duke of Wellington and Thomas Carlyle and a letter from Maggs Bros. (antiquarian bookseller) regarding an item which had been sold and posted (10 April 1912) - the letter is a duplicate as the original is believed to have been lost on the SS. Titanic.

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