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Daguerreotypes - Giroux Daguerreotype Camera

Image of daguerreotype camera

Image of daguerreotype camera

Giroux Daguerreotype Camera
Alphonse Giroux, Paris, France

Gift of Eastman Kodak Company, ex-collection Gabriel Cromer

The Giroux daguerreotype camera is the first commercially manufactured camera, designed by L.J.M. Daguerre, the inventor of the daguerreotype process, and manufactured by Giroux, a relative of Daguerre's wife.
It is a slideing or double box camera based on the experimental apparatus used by Daguerre in perfecting the process. It uses a 15 inch f/15 achromatic landscape lens manufactured by Chevalier, a Parisian optician and instrument maker.
According to the collector Gabriel Cromer, this particular camera originally belonged to Daguerre.

Courtesy George Eastman House.

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