Subject Strength: History

17th Century Collection

A small collection of 60 volumes which are a good reflection of this period as a time of rebellions, intrigues and conspiracies; hierarchical power; and strong religious views.

20th Century Pamphlets

Collection of short publications on world affairs. Includes titles I Was A Franco Soldier and The Hydrogen Bomb And You, and authors Kropotkin and Liu Shao-Chi.

Alnwick Corn Exchange

Correspondence, accounts and other administrative papers relating to the Alnwick Corn Exchange 1862 - 1880.

Bainbrigg Library/Appleby Grammar School Collection

Historical portion of the Library of Appleby Grammar School in Cumbria. Mostly classical, theological, literary and historical works dating back to the 15th century.

Bell (Gertrude) Archive

Consists of correspondence, photos, diaries and miscellaneous. Particularly interesting for scholars of the archaeology and history of the Near and Middle East.

Bell (Gertrude) Collection

2,000 books on Arabic and Persian languages, and on the history and antiquities of Arabia, Iraq and the Near East that formed part of Gertrude Bell's working library.

Bradshaw Collection

Notable for its English Revolution tracts, some illustrated, describing local events such as A Terrible and bloudy fight at Tinmouth Castle on Fryday last ... (1648).

Bradshaw-Bewick Collection

Works by and relating to engraver Thomas Bewick (1753-1828). Includes material on the natural world, popular fables and small moral instruction books.

Cowen (Joseph) Tracts

Almost two thousand pamphlets owned by local, radical M.P. Joseph Cowen (1829-1900). Tracts discuss social, educational, political and economic issues of the day.

Gibson (George) Archive

Predominantly a literary archive including poems, with some material which may be considered pertinent to the history of education in the form of a ciphering book.

Gillray (James) Prints

Hand coloured and uncoloured "Bohn Edition" Prints by satirical cartoonist James Gillray (1756 - 1815).

Grey (2nd Earl) Tracts

Pamphlets covering a broad range of historical, social and economic subjects owned by the 2nd Earl Grey (1764-1845).

Hair (Thomas) Illustrations

A small collection of black and white photographic reproductions of Thomas Hair’s watercolours, depicting the mining industry in the North East. The collection consists of 41 illustrations.

Hodgkin (Thomas) (Historian) Archive

The personal archive of historian Thomas Hodgkin (b.1831 - d.1913).

Indian Tracts

Chiefly a collection of 19th century pamphlets on a range of Indian subjects, such as education, politics, transport, economics, the trade of opium, religion and war.

Runciman (Walter) Archive

The papers of Walter Runciman, 1st Viscount Runciman of Doxford (1870-1949), relating chiefly to his political career, but also concerning his personal and professional life.

Trevelyan (Charles Edward) Archive

The personal archive of Charles Edward Trevelyan (1807-1886).

Trevelyan (Charles Philips) Archive

The personal archive of Charles Philips Trevelyan (1870-1958).

Trevelyan (George Otto) Archive

The personal archive of George Otto Trevelyan (1838-1928).

Trevelyan (Walter Calverley) Archive

The personal archive of Walter Calverley Trevelyan (1797-1870).

Wilcox (Edwin) Archive

The papers of Edwin Wilcox, a newspaper correspondent in Russia during the 1917 Revolution and civil war, mainly consisting of typescripts and published articles.