Subject Strength: Travel

Bell (Gertrude) Archive

Consists of correspondence, photos, diaries and miscellaneous. Particularly interesting for scholars of the archaeology and history of the Near and Middle East.

Bell (Gertrude) Collection

2,000 books on Arabic and Persian languages, and on the history and antiquities of Arabia, Iraq and the Near East that formed part of Gertrude Bell's working library.

Gibb (Charles) Archive

Papers relating to the early career of Dr. Charles John Gibb (1824-1916), a local doctor who worked at the Newcastle Infirmary before setting up a private practice.

Heslop Harrison (John) Notebooks and Albums

Chiefly notes on plant biology, pollination and plant genetics all belong to former Professor of Botany, John William Heslop Harrison, at Newcastle University.

Ritchie (Rear Admiral George) Collection

A collection of books, pamphlets, atlases and charts relating to the history of Hydrography, representing the personal library of Rear Admiral George Stephen Ritchie.

Robinson (Marjorie and Philip) Collection

Comprises incunabula, medieval manuscripts and books dating from the 14th - 19th century. Includes early editions of works by Dante, and is a good resource for travel literature.

Sopwith (Thomas) Diaries

The diaries of Thomas Sopwith (1803-1879) mining engineer, land surveyor and philanthropist in the North-East of England, covering the period 1828-1879.