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'March' from: Almanack for 1884 by Kate Greenaway - March 2009

Between 1883 and 1897 Routledge published fourteen almanacs by Kate Greenaway. Her Almanack for 1884 was the second - issued in hardback and containing coloured half-page illustrations depicting children engaging in various activities, for the most part. By then, almanacs had proliferated: typically comprising a calendar; astronomical data; list of holidays, fairs and anniversaries; and even household and services information - they were popular gifts.

Kate Greenaway (1846-1901) was home-schooled but later studied at the Finsbury School of Art and Slade School. She went on to design Christmas and Valentine cards for Marcus Ward & Co. but her career really took off when Edmund Evans, a printer of children's books, decided to produce a large print-run of her illustrated poems. Her watercolours are influenced by her memories of a happy childhood, 'though the characters are considered quaint today. She was popular on both sides of the Atlantic: her work was both widely emulated and exploited through merchandising.

Copies of this almanac are held in the Chorley and Victorian collections.

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