Evaluating information

Evaluating information

So you have found a wide variety of different resources but you now need to decide what is useful for your assessment. It is hard to give advice as to which articles, books, websites and other information are more useful or important than others. This where you need to evaluate the resources you have found. This section includes:

  1. A video wwhich helps you demonstrates why evaluation is important and how this might change depending on the topic you are researching
  2. A downloadable helpsheet with some areas to focus on when evaluating e.g. using the CRAPP test.

Strengths and weaknesses of different resources

Big internet webpages such as Wikipedia or search engines like Google are used every day. Within academia it is worth understanding the pros and cons of these as well as knowing when it is good to use them. This section will focus on helping you to expand your evaluation skills further.

  1. A video to watch which introduces things to remember if you are using Google, Social Media and Wikipedia.
  2. A downloadable helpsheet of things to consider if you are using Wikipedia