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Our Mission:

The Writing Development Centre helps students to understand the expectations and demands of studying at Newcastle University, including the conventions of writing for assessment, appropriate to their discipline and level of study. Working in partnership, we help students explore and develop effective study strategies and approaches to learning which are tailored to the individual and their needs.


Our Values:

Empowering: We aim to help you become a confident, independent learner. We won’t give you answers or tell you what to do; through discussion and reflection, we’ll help you find your own insights, strategies and approaches that will work for you in the context of your own studies and your own learning needs.

Aspirational: Our approach is non-remedial, regardless of any student’s attainment. Our guidance aims to help you achieve to the best of your ability, and encourages a ‘learning mindset’, self-efficacy and confidence.

Realistic: We acknowledge the complexity of studying in Higher Education, and will help you reach nuanced, sophisticated and context-specific understandings, rather than offer you simplistic, generic or prescriptive answers.

Non-hierarchical: We are partners in the learning process with students, whose equal collaboration we value and encourage.

Respectful: We recognise that you are the expert in your own field and context; our role is to help you reflect on it, draw learning from it and apply that learning within it.  

Confidential: our provision is confidential at the level of the individual student. We will not feed back to academic staff or take action on your behalf unless it is in the interests of your learning, with your knowledge and permission. For more information, see our confidentiality policy.

Non-judgemental: Being confidential, our provision stands outside formal assessment. We do not make assumptions or judgements about any student’s work, aims, achievements, abilities, experience or understanding. We offer a safe, supportive place for you to explore your own learning.

Diverse and inclusive: Our work acknowledges the diversity of the University’s student body, and we will offer provision tailored to your needs.

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