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COVID-19 (Coronavirus) and changes to our services - All library buildings are now closed. The Library service remains open online.

As of 17th March 2020, the University have made the decision to limit face to face contact within the University and there will be no face-to-face teaching for the remainder of the academic year. This affects our one to one provision, so we have moved all our tutorials online using Zoom, so that we can continue to support you, expanding our normal distance provision. If you are unable to access our tutorial provision via this platform, please contact us to discuss alternatives.


Request a one to one tutorial


If you are studying away from Newcastle and cannot attend a tutorial in the WDC offices, we can offer you a distance tutorial. You might be on a placement, field trip or year abroad, or studying part time or in intensive teaching blocks, at home during the summer vacation, or cannot for health reasons attend a tutorial in person.

What to expect from your distance one to one

We use Zoom to offer our distance tutorials as we hope you will find that it is as close as we can get to experiencing one of our friendly, interactive face-to-face tutorials. Zoom allows us to discuss your learning with audio and video, and share screens so you can show us any written work to look at together (for this reason, it will work best on a desktop or laptop with a bigger screen rather than a tablet or phone). Your tutor will send you a link before your appointment which you simply need to click on and join the meeting at the start of your appointment time. There's no need to send us any work as Zoom allows you to share it on your own screen so we can discuss it together.

How to request a distance one to one

What we offer:

  • Appointments are available Monday to Friday between 10am and 5pm (last appointment time 4pm)
  • Appointments are available on the hour.
  • Each one to one appointment offers you up to 50 minutes with a tutor.
  • We will respond to your booking request within five working days. Please note that we are often unable to process very short-term bookings and recommend that you book a week in advance. (Please note: during the COVID-19 outbreak, we are operating with reduced admin support)
  • We will do our best to match your request to our tutors' availability and to help us to do so, please suggest as wide a range of possibilities as you can.
  • Submitting a request for a distance one to one is not confirmation that an appointment is available or that we will be able to offer you a distance one to one.
  • We will contact you via your Newcastle University email address to confirm an appointment for a one to one or to let you know that we are unable to provide an appointment to match your availability and suggest alternatives.
  • If for any reason your one to one appointment needs to be cancelled, for example, due to staff sickness, we will do our best to contact you in a timely fashion and prioritise your request for a rescheduled appointment. We ask that you provide a phone number for this purpose.
  • One to one tutorials are student-centred and confidential; our aim is to help you reach your academic goals. While academic staff may refer students to our service, we do not accept referrals as a compulsory condition of progress, and will only share information about your attendence or progress with your consent.
One to one appointments with the Writing Development Centre are in high demand. To ensure fair access to appointments for all students, we request that:
  • Only one appointment can be booked at a time
  • Only one appointment can be booked per week
  • Students may book up to 3 one to one appointments a semester (please be aware that there are only 2 semesters per year and this is different to terms, dates are available here). This is a maximum depending on need and availability, and is not an automatic entitlement. Additional appointments may be offered at the WDC’s discretion
  • Appointments are not transferrable between students. We can only work with the student who booked the appointment.
  • One to one appointments focus on the individual needs of a single student. We cannot see two students at a time.
  • We reserve the right to further query and clarify your request, or refuse a one to one request, if it does not come under our remit
  • If an appointment is unattended without prior notice, explanation or cancellation, we reserve the right to withhold future one to one appointments. If there are mitigating circumstances, we invite you to discuss these with the Head of the Writing Development Centre.

Request a one to one tutorial

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