Distance Tutorials

If you are studying away from Newcastle and cannot attend a tutorial in the WDC offices, we can offer you a distance tutorial. You might be on a placement, field trip or year abroad, or studying part time or in intensive teaching blocks, at home during the summer vacation, or cannot for health reasons attend a tutorial in person.

Depending on the nature of your query and your own contact preferences, we can offer various formats, including Skype or emailed comments on a document. You will need to book an 'appointment' with the service so that we can allocate time with a tutor. Appointments are 30 mins, to allow tutors time to familiarise themselves with any samples of work you feel might be useful to inform the discussion. To arrange a distance tutorial, please complete the booking form.

What to expect from your distance one to one

Depending on the nature of your query, you might wish to discuss an aspect of your studies such as time managment, revision or reading. Alternatively, your query might concern an aspect of writing. If you feel that a sample of your work would be a useful basis for the discussion, you may send any relevant documents (e.g. drafts, assignment instructions or marking criteria) once you have been allocated an appointment.

  • To inform the discussion and help our tutors tailor and focus guidance to your needs, please provide on the booking form full and specific details of what you would like to discuss, including any questions you have, issues you're experiencing or common feedback you have received. We may contact you again for more detail if needed.
  • If you intend to send us work or other relevant documents, please indicate this on the form. Once we have allocated an appointment, we will invite you to email the documents.
  • Please send work to to wdc@ncl.ac.uk.
  • Please note that this does not constitute proofreading, but will form the basis of our discussion with you to help you develop your study skills.
  • Work must be received by 12 pm the day before before the appointment. If we do not receive work in good time, we reserve the right to cancel the appointment.
  • Our tutors will not be able to read documents in their entirety; we will read enough to inform the discussion. If documents are very long, please indicate which sections are relevant.
  • If your appointment request is for a discussion via email, you do not need to specify your availability. However, please indicate any timeframe by which you would like a response (we will still need to allocate time in a tutor's schedule).
  • We are exploring various methods to deliver distance provision, depending on accessibility, confidentiality and cost. If your preferred means is not available, please contact us with your suggestion. (we regret that we cannot use social media or phone for appointments)

How to request a distance one to one

What we offer:

  • Appointments are available Monday to Friday between 9am and 5pm UK time.
  • Each one to one appointment offers you up to 30 minutes with a tutor. This does not include time needed to read any samples of work; we will schedule this in the tutor's diary separately.
  • Distance appointments start at 30 minutes past the hour to give tutors time to prepare.
  • We will provide an up-to-date indication of appointment availability for the coming four weeks. We aren’t able to display specific available one to one slots, but will provide information about booking demand to help you plan ahead.
  • We will respond to your booking request within five working days. Please note that we are often unable to process very short-term bookings and recommend that you book a week in advance.
  • We will do our best to match your request to our tutors' availability and to help us to do so, please suggest as wide a range of possibilities as you can.
  • Submitting a request for a distance one to one is not confirmation that an appointment is available or that we will be able to offer you a distance one to one.
  • We will contact you via your Newcastle University email address to confirm an appointment for a one to one or to let you know that we are unable to provide an appointment to match your availability and suggest alternatives.
  • If for any reason your one to one appointment needs to be cancelled, for example, due to staff sickness, we will do our best to contact you in a timely fashion and prioritise your request for a rescheduled appointment. If in the UK, we ask that you provide a phone number for this purpose.
  • One to one tutorials are student-centred and confidential; our aim is to help you reach your academic goals. While academic staff may refer students to our service, we do not accept referrals as a compulsory condition of progress, and will only share information about your attendence or progress with your consent.
One to one appointments with the Writing Development Centre are in high demand. To ensure fair access to appointments for all students, we request that:
  • Only one appointment can be booked at a time
  • Only one appointment can be booked per week
  • Students may book up to 3 one to one appointments a semester (please be aware that there are only 2 semesters per year and this is different to terms, dates are available here). This is a maximum depending on need and availability, and is not an automatic entitlement. Additional appointments may be offered at the WDC’s discretion
  • We reserve the right to further query and clarify your request, or refuse a one to one request, if it does not come under our remit
  • If a student cannot be contacted at the scheduled time, or has forgotten about the appointment and is unprepared or not in a position to engage with the tutorial, we reserve the right to count this as a 'no show' and cancel. We also reserve the right to withhold future one to one appointments. If there are mitigating circumstances, we invite you to discuss these with the Head of the Writing Development Centre.

To request a distance one to one tutorial, please complete our online booking form.

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