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North East Language and Linguistics Research Away Day

23rd May 2016, Northumbria University

The North East Language and Linguistics (NELLi) Research Away day was held at Northumbria University on 23rd May.

This was attended by 37 lecturers, researchers and postdoctoral students from Newcastle, Northumbria and Durham. This year's event featured big-name visiting speakers; Antonella Sorace (Edinburgh) who spoke on "Language-cognition interactions in proficient late bilingualism", and Dominic Watt (York) who spoke on "Testing accents: challenges posed by Northeast English for forensic science in Speech technology".

In addition, there were seven talks by lecturers and PhD students on topics ranging from bilingualism, to theoretical syntax, to the use of the passive in blind people's narratives.

Next year's NELLi will take place on 22nd May 2017.  




published on: 11 May 2016