Linguistics at Newcastle

NINE DTP Studentships

Research Areas for NINE DTP PhD Studentships

We welcome applications for this year’s funding round for 2017-18. Find out about the research areas and potential supervisors.

We offer a wide range of topics in theoretical, clinical, applied and socio-linguistics. Key research strengths are language variation and change, language evolution, language interaction, phonetics and phonology, language-learning technologies, child language and clinical linguistics. We recommend that interested applicants approach potential supervisors in the first instance using links below or checking our staff page.

Theoretical Linguistics

Potential supervisors include: Cristina Dye, S J Hannahs, Anders Holmberg, Geoff Poole, Maggie Tallerman, Joel Wallenberg, Carol Fehringer, Damien Hall, Rosalin Howard, Francis Jones, Ian Mackenzie.

Language variation and change / language evolution

Potential supervisors include: Karen Corrigan, Anders Holmberg, Heike Pichler, Geoff Poole, Maggie Tallerman, Joel Wallenberg, William van der Wurff, Carol Fehringer, Damien Hall.

Experimental Phonetics and Phonology

  • The nature of phonetic variability and implications for phonetic and phonological theory
  • The various dimensions (physical, linguistic, cognitive and social) of spoken communication
  • Sociophonetics
  • Clinical phonetics
  • The acquisition of speech sound patterning in children
  • Quantitative acoustic analysis of speech
  • Second language phonology
  • Sound change
  • French phonetics

Potential supervisors include: Jalal Al-Tamimi, Ghada Khattab, Danielle Turton, Damien Hall, Martha Young-Scholten.

Language acquisition / clinical linguistics

Potential supervisors include: Ghada Khattab, James Law, Carolyn Letts, Cristina McKean, Carol Moxam, Faye Smith, Helen Stringer, Elaine Lopez, David Howard, Christos Salis, Julie Morris, Janet Webster, Nicole Lallini.

Applied Linguistics

Potential supervisors include: Mei Lin, Paul Seedhouse, Steve Walsh, Adam Brandt, Alan Firth, Spencer Hazel, Christopher Leyland, Elaine Lopez, Alina Schartner, Peter Sercombe, Tony Young.