Linguistics at Newcastle

Brain & Language

Brain and Language Group

This group is a recent collaborative effort by the Institute of Neuroscience (IoN) and CRiLLS (Centre for Research in Linguistics and Language Sciences) at Newcastle University.

The group consists of neuroscientists, evolutionary biologists, linguistic and developmental language scientists, speech and language therapists, research clinicians interested in speech and language-related disorders and postgraduate students and research staff that have an interest in the brain basis for speech and language.

The group holds common special interest seminars and fosters cross-disciplinary discussions that have the potential to lead to novel research approaches to address challenging problems in neuroscience and linguistics.

This is achieved through:

  • mutual hosting of international speakers on the topic
  • presentations of ongoing research at IoN and CRiLLS
  • presentation of collaborative proposals for future research projects
  • discussing papers and encouraging continued student and staff collaboration between CRiLLS and IoN

If you would like any further information please email Chris Petkov or Martha Young-Scholten.