Linguistics at Newcastle

Language & Cognition

Language and Cognition

A research group which meets up to discuss issues related to language and cognition.

The term "cognition" is deliberately broad and encompasses:

  • memory systems, e.g. short-term memory, working memory, procedural memory
  • theories of embodiment
  • the relationship between language and perception / language and the conceptual system (neo-Whofianism / linguistic relativity, cultural determinants of human cognition)
  • theories of neural organisation, e.g. modularity versus connectionism
  • organisation of the language system in bilinguals
  • any aspect of online language processing (e.g. categorical perception in speech comprehension, garden-path versus constraint-based models of sentence processing)
  • typical and atypical first and later language development and processing
  • neural correlates of language and cognitive processing. We are also interested in discussing new methodologies in psycholinguistics, e.g. eye-tracking, or new forms of data analysis.

We hold regular reading groups where we discuss recently published papers nominated by members of the group.

For further information, or to join the mailing list, please contact Elaine Lopez.