Linguistics at Newcastle

Working Papers

Newcastle and Northumbria Working Papers in Linguistics

Newcastle and Northumbria Working Papers in Linguistics (NNWPL) is a yearly journal chiefly managed by postgraduate students at Newcastle University.

The journal is a continuation of Newcastle and Durham Working Papers in Linguistics. The first volume appeared in 1993 and was edited by Ianthi-Maria Tsimpli. Regular issues of the journal have followed until the year 1996, where there was an interruption for two consecutive years. The journal started again in 1999. With volume 14 (2008) we ceased to print hardcopies. NNWPL is now an e-journal, aiming to publicise research of CRiLLS, as well as external contributions.

The journal covers different areas in linguistics such as:

  • Applied Linguistics
  • Child Language Acquisition
  • Clinical Linguistics
  • Computational Linguistics
  • Discourse Analysis
  • Historical Linguistics
  • Morphology
  • Phonetics / Phonology
  • Pragmatics
  • Second Language Acquisition
  • Semantics
  • Sociolinguistics
  • Syntax

Other papers

NWPL have many institutional exchanges of working papers across the globe and these publications are housed within the CRiLLS room, 3.01, Old Library Building . However, many institutions are now publishing their working papers on-line, see below:

For a list of the working papers housed in the CRiLLS room, download the Library List (Excel: 32KB).