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Dr Adam Brandt

Senior Lecturer



I was appointed Lecturer in Applied Linguistics in the School of ECLS at Newcastle University in June 2013, having spent the previous two years as a JSPS Postdoctoral Research Fellow in the Division of International Affairs at Kansai University (Osaka, Japan). Prior to that, I was a student in the School of ECLS, where I obtained my PhD, as well as an MA in Cross-Cultural Communication & Applied Linguistics and an MRes in Applied Linguistics. I have also spent time in the Department of Second Language Studies at the University of Hawai'i at Mānoa (as part of my PhD, in 2009) and the Graduate School of Language and Culture at Osaka University (for a research sabbatical, in 2017).

In September 2018, I took on the role as Head of the Applied Linguistics & Communication subject group at Newcastle University.

Roles and Responsibilities

I currently have the following roles:

  • Head of Applied Linguistics & Communication
  • Member of School Executive Board in the School of ECLS
  • Member of School Research Committee in the School of ECLS
  • Member of School Teaching & Learning Committee in the School of ECLS

Areas of research expertise

  • Intercultural Communication
  • Intercultural and international workplaces
  • Higher Education
  • Conversation Analysis
  • Membership Categorisation Analysis

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  • PhD in Applied Linguistics
  • MRes in Applied Linguistics (pass with distinction)
  • MA in Cross-Cultural Communication and Applied Linguistics (pass with distinction) 
  • BSc in Psychology (upper second class honours) from University of Sunderland


Research Interests

I am interested in intercultural and international workplaces, especially educational settings such as universities and language classrooms, as well as second language use outside of the classroom. In my research, I usually investigate these topics by analysing video recordings of real-life communication, using the research methods of Conversation Analysis (CA) and Membership Categorisation Analysis (MCA). At present, with colleagues in ECLS and elsewhere in the University, I am also using these methods to examine effective communication in arts workshops for people living with dementia.

I would be delighted to hear from potential research students with an interest in studying any of the above topics, using methods similar to those mentioned above.

I am also a member of Multimodal Analysis Research Group (MARG), a research forum for staff and students interested in the analysis of human social interaction. Further information about MARG can be found here.

Recent Research Funding

"Interaction, Dementia, and Engagement in the Arts (IDEA)" 
British Academy Small Research Grant (Co-I with Dr Spencer Hazel and Prof Andrew Newman)
£7,500 (Sept 2017 - Sept 2019)

Postgraduate Supervision 

At present, I am supervising three postgraduate research students, two as first supervisor (Hanain Brohi, Nimet Copur) and one as second supervisor (Yiyin Wang).

I have also supervised 12 successful PhD projects to date, including:

Dr Kazuki Hata (as second supervisor, with Professor Steve Walsh) Projectability, contextuality and complexity of trailoff: A Conversation Analysis of ‘but’ at turn-final placement”, November 2018.

Dr Somporn Maneechote (as second supervisor, with Dr Alan Firth) "Negative assessments of referents in co-participants' cultural groups and responses in intercultural interaction", July 2018.

Dr Khadija El-Wakai (as second supervisor, with Professor Steve Walsh) "Topic Management: The 'About What-ness' of Interaction in Student University Meetings", June 2018.

Dr Yoonjoo Cho (as first supervisor, with Dr Peter Sercombe) "The interviewers' self-disclosure in L2 research interviews: A Conversation Analytic study on empathic reformulation and discursive identity work embedded in the interviewer's self-revealing talk", April 2018.

Dr Ufuk Girgin (as first supervisor, with Prof Steve Walsh) "Reconsidering the uses of a minimal ‘non-lexical’ response token through ‘embodiment’: A second language teacher’s deployment of ‘mm hm’ as a third-turn receipt", December 2017.

Dr Yun Pan (as first supervisor, with Dr Chris Leyland), "Framing University Small Group Talk: Knowledge Construction Through Lexical Concepts", November 2017.

Dr Qi Chen (as first supervisor, with Prof Steve Walsh), "Shifting Embodied Participation in Multiparty University Student Meetings" , July 2017.

Dr Tugba Aslan (as first supervisor, with Prof Steve Walsh), "A Micro-Analytic Study of Gossip in Elderly Talk", February 2017.

Dr Sumita Supakorn (as second supervisor, with Prof Paul Seedhouse), "Topic Development in Thai EFL Classes: A Conversation Analytic Perspective", December 2016.

Dr Haia Al-Zaidi (as first supervisor, with Prof Paul Seedhouse), "The Practices of Multiple Other-Initiated Repair in Online Second Language Interaction", November 2016.

Dr Aki Siegel (as second supervisor, with Prof Paul Seedhouse), "Longitudinal Development of Word Search Sequences in English as a Lingua Franca Interaction", February 2016.

As of September 2019, I have supervised 105 successful MA dissertation projects (known as 'Research Portfolio' on the MAs in Cross-Cultural Communication), and one successful BA dissertation.


Postgraduate Teaching

Module leader

ALC8012 Introduction to Interaction Analysis (not running in 2020-21)

Contribute to

ALC8003 Methods in Cross-Cultural Communication Research (co-taught with Sara Ganassin)

ALC8021 Understanding Multimodal Communication (deliver session on 'Doing nothing and doing waiting in public spaces')

HSS8004 Qualitative Methodology in the Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences (co-deliver two sessions on Methods of Language Analysis, with Spencer Hazel)

Previous teaching

Discourse Analysis; The Social Psychology of Communication; Sociolinguistics; Culture, Interculturality and Identity; Language Learning; Research Methods in Applied Linguistics; English in the World

Undergraduate Teaching

Previous teaching

SPE2042 Linguistics & Phonetics II: Linguistics Analysis & Pragmatics (sessions on Conversation Analysis)

EDU1004 Internationalising Your University Experience (sessions on English as a lingua franca, and international Higher Education)