Linguistics at Newcastle

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Dr Joel Wallenberg

Lecturer in the History of Eng Lang


My surgery/office hours for Semester 1 are:

Tuesday, 9am-10

Wednesday, 3:30pm-4:30

Thursday, 4pm-5 


Please note that Monday is my dedicated research day.

Personal Website: 


My research interests, in very short form, are the following:


The theory of language change, with particular emphasis on the quantitative study of morphosyntactic change and the relationship between language acquisition and change; syntactic variation and change in Germanic, particularly historical English and Icelandic.  Syntactic theory in general, especially scrambling and linearization.  I am also generally interested in showing how quantitative and sociolinguistic studies of variation and change bear on issues of linguistic theory.


Please see the list of downloadable paper and presentations on my personal website's Research page, at: 


SEL1007 Nature of Language

SEL3046 English Grammar through Time

SEL8500 Research Methods in Language and Linguistics