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Emeritus Professor Noel Burton-Roberts

Professor of English Language and Linguistics



BA (Kent), MA (University College London), PhD (Newcastle), FRSA

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Research Interests

Semantics, pragmatics, syntax, philosophy of language, architecture of language. Downloadable text of recent papers is available below

Linguistic theory, philosophy of language, theory of signs especially:

    semantics and pragmatics (particularly presupposition and negation, ambiguity, quotation, malapropism) the architecture of the language faculty (in Minimalism especially) and its relation to other faculties of mind
    the phonology-syntax interface, especially as this bears on the status and nature of functional categories and parameters
    the Representational Hypothesis, which proposes that phonology should be excluded from, because representational of, objects generated by the language faculty

    Publications by Prof. NC Burton-Roberts

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    Postgraduate Supervision

    Linguistic theory and philosophy of language, especially semantics and pragmatics, the architecture of the language faculty, the phonology-syntax interface, the Representational Hypothesis.


    Undergraduate Teaching