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Careers Advice

Careers Advice

Newcastle graduates have an excellent reputation among recruiters and the University is one of the top 20 ‘most targeted’ UK universities by graduate employers.

Throughout your studies at Newcastle University London you will benefit from our award-winning careers support. We will help you to explore different career paths, develop your employability and entrepreneurial skills and make connections with leading employers. You will be provided with careers advice and support while you're studying, and for three years after you graduate.

Through the Newcastle University Careers Service, you can access a wealth of helpful online resources, receive individual coaching from our team of expert advisors by email, phone or skype, review hundreds of job/internship opportunities through our exclusive portal and arm yourself with the tools you need to effectively plan your future career.

Expert advice is available to you regarding:

Careers advice general purpose

Contact information

London-based students wishing to access information, support and advice from the Careers Service are encouraged to contact the team via telephone: (Monday to Friday9.00 - 17.00: +44 (0) 191 208 7748), via the student enquiry form, or by email if you wish to attach items such as CVs or covering letters.

Students seeking in-person advice about their CV are encouraged to contact the Student Services Manager, who is based in London by phone, 0203 752 2454. We can also meet students who seek bespoke advice about cover letters and LinkedIn accounts. 


Over 2,000 employers each year use the University’s searchable vacancies database to advertise graduate jobs, work experience, internships and placements. You can make connections with people working in the areas you are already interested in including graduates who are now employed in a wide range of jobs and professions. 

International students

Our careers services are available to all students, regardless of where they are from or where they aim to work. The University has dedicated resources specifically for international students, including on how to find a job in the UK and internationally.

Where a student’s visa permits it, the Careers Service will also help students to find work alongside their studies, helping students to experience British working culture and improving their English language skills.