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Statement of service

Statement of Service

The student immigration advisers at Newcastle University are Tracey Aston, Kay Broadhurst, Hena Mookerji, Jamie Stogden and Sarah Aittis. They can be accessed at Level 2, King’s Gate, Newcastle University, NE1 7RU.

The student immigration advisers at Newcastle University London are Katarina Polova, Izabela Puniszkis and Alena Nemeckova. They are located at Newcastle University London (4th floor desk), 102 Middlesex Street, London, E1 7EZ.

They are authorised to provide immigration advice and services as regulated by the Office of Immigration Services Commissioners (OISC). The OISC sets the standards to which services and advice must comply. Services are offered free of charge to all students registered at Newcastle University or students holding valid unconditional offers for study at Newcastle University.

Immigration services

 Immigration Services provided by the Visa Team are:

  • Advice on student visas and guidance on student visa renewal in the UK
  • Advice on student dependant visas and guidance on student dependant visa renewal in the UK
  • Submission of Tier 4 General applications in the UK through the Visa Team subject to agreement on student visa renewal
  • Advice on immigration rules for work during studies
  • Guidance on working in the UK after studies (at Newcastle University only)
  • Guidance on police registration
  • Guidance on Schengen visas

Cost of services

Advice and guidance on student visas issues are offered free of charge.

Additional costs such as fees for visa applications, biometric data collection and associated travel, plus sundry items such as photographs and special delivery envelopes will be the responsibility of the student.

The University reserves the right to charge for a replacement CAS, where students have had a Tier 4 application refused or have failed to make an application before their initial CAS has expired.

The University also reserves the right to charge a fee for the administrative costs of sponsorship under the Doctorate Extension Scheme.


The Visa Team will endeavour to respect confidentiality in most cases. Students should be aware, however, that in order to fulfil the University’s obligations to the Home Office, it may be necessary for the Visa Team to share information with other members of staff and the Home Office.

Student declarations submitted at registration give the University permission to contact the Home Office should it be necessary to query a student’s immigration status and/or history.

Contact with external immigration representatives will only be made with the express written permission from the student.

The Visa Team will only give specific tailored advice and support to registered and prospective students holding a valid unconditional offer for study at Newcastle University. The Visa Team will not afford the same advice and support to family members or friends of students. Students with intensive study patterns should discuss with the Visa Team opportunities for flexible contact.

Contact with external immigration representatives (eg. your lawyer or embassy) will only be made with the express written permission from the student. The University may terminate a discussion with a third party about a case if the discussion is not proving constructive.

Contact with the visa team

The visa team’s services can be accessed in the following ways:

  • Regular workshops for guidance on making a Tier 4 application
  • Follow-up appointments to check Tier 4 applications
  • Weekly drop-in sessions for complex immigration enquiries
  • Workshops offered on behalf of the Careers Service to give an overview of graduate immigration routes (Newcastle University only)
  • Workshops offering guidance on Schengen visas
  • E-mail contact

Further details on how to access services is available at Newcastle University's Accessing Visa Support page.

As advice given to students needs to be recorded accurately, students must observe the published drop-in hours.

Conduct during contact

The visa team will endeavour at all times to carry out their duties in a professionals and courteous manner.

Students using the service are also expected to treat all staff involved with respect and courtesy. Abusive or aggressive behaviour will not be tolerated and the visa team reserves the right to terminate any contact in the event of inappropriate behaviour. 

Students are reminded that the Visa Team has no powers to change Home Office policy or procedures.

The visa team must at all time adhere to the University’s obligations to the Home Office with regards to immigration control.

Level of support and advice

The Visa Team at Newcastle University and Newcastle University London operates mainly at OISC level 1. This means that the advice and support must be kept within the parameters of staff competency and training.

Where individual cases exceed the Visa Team’s level of competency, you will be referred for external immigration advice. Visit Newcastle University's Further Information on Visas and Immigration page for further information.


Complaints about advice, support or the conduct of the visa team should be followed up in the first instance through the University complaints procedure.

Complaints can also be directed to the Office of Immigration Services Commissioner (OISC).

Please note that complaints about the University’s decision not to sponsor or maintain sponsorship of a Tier 4 visa should be directed to the University, not the OISC.