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Dr Rekha Nicholson

Senior Lecturer - International Business


I have a Bachelor’s degree in Electronics & Telecommunication, a Master’s degree in Software Engineering and a doctorate degree in Economics and Management. My PhD thesis investigated the role of business strategy in firm performance. I have also been involved in several projects as a junior researcher, namely, PRIN 2006, Azioni Italia-Spagna, Programma Vigoni Italia-Germania and DIME – EU project. Whilst, pursuing my Post Doctoral research at Rajiv Gandhi Centre for Innovation and Entrepreneurship at Imperial College, I looked at development of several successful public private partnerships in India. I have also studied successful cross-border acquisitions by several emerging economy companies; and creation of value in project-based businesses in India. Prior to joining Newcastle University London as Senior Lecturer in International Business, I was Senior Lecturer – International Management for two years in Bristol Business School and Lecturer in International Management at University of Bath for five years.

Prior to academia, I was in industry for several years and have worked in both large MNCs as well as startups, including companies like Metaware Spa (Italy), Finmeccanica/Marconi Mobile (Italy) and Siemens (India). Also, I worked as a consultant on projects related to business development in emerging markets and IPR management.


Currently, I am interested in linkages between institutional factors, firm strategy and performance in emerging markets like India, China, Brazil, Russia, South Africa, ASEAN nations, Eastern Europe, Turkey, Latin America, and Africa. I welcome PhD applications in these areas.

My research interests are –

Strategy in emerging economies, emerging-market MNCs, leadership, M&As, management and economics of innovation in developed and developing countries.


Strategy for Managers

Quantitative methods for undergraduate programmes

International Business Strategy

International Business Diplomacy