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Dr Saumik Paul

Lecturer in Economics


Saumik Paul is a lecturer (Assistant Professor) in Economics. Prior to joining Newcastle University Business School, he held academic positions at Hitotsubashi University (Japan), Osaka University (Japan) and University of Nottingham (Malaysia campus); visiting positions at University of Milano, Bicocca (Italy), Osaka University of Public Policy (Japan), ZEW (Germany), Institute of Developing Economies (IDE-JETRO, Tokyo). He also worked for various international organizations, including the World Bank (Washington DC); and the Asian Development Bank Institute (Tokyo).

Saumik is a Research Fellow, the Institute of Labor Economics (IZA), a Senior Research Fellow, Household in conflict Network (HiCN), an External Research Fellow, Center for Research in Economic Development and Trade (CREDIT), University of Nottingham and Research Director, Future Village, Nepal.

He is a member of the American Economic Association (AEA), European Economic Association (EEA), Royal Economic Society (RES), Economic History Association (EHA) and Society for the Study of Economic Inequality. Saumik received Ph.D. in Economics from Claremont Graduate University (USA), M.A. in Economics from JNU (India) and B.Sc. in Economics from St. Xavier’s College, Calcutta (India). 

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Saumik is interested in political economy of development, applications of microdata to examine macroeconomic theories on structural transformation, productivity, and factor income shares.  

He has authored Labor Income Share: Understanding the Drivers of the Global DeclinePalgrave Macmillan; edited Kuznets Beyond Kuznets: Structural Transformation and Income Distribution in the Era of Globalization in Asia (2018), ADBI Press; and coedited, Labor Income Share in Asia: Measurement, Drivers and Policy (2019), Springer (with Gary Fields) and Land Acquisition in Asia: Towards a Sustainable Policy (2019), Palgrave Macmillan (with Naoyuki Yoshino).

Saumik has published in the Economic History Review, Journal of International Money and Finance, World Development, Journal of Development Studies, Journal of African Economies, and the Economics of Transition, among others.
Research grants
§ £140,000 as PI for the project on Bengkok Land in Java, Indonesia, 2017-2019, Funder - Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research B (Kakenhi). Project report 
§ £5,450 as PI for the project on inequality Issues in Japan, 2015, Funder - IER, Hitotsubashi University.
§ £4,050 as PI for the project on Chinese entrepreneurs in Italy, 2014, Funder -Faculty of Social Sciences, Nottingham University.
§ £4,000 as PI for the project on the impact of displacement on indigenous Orang Asli, 2013, Funder - Integrating Global Society (IGS) Priority Group.
§ £2,000 as PI for the project on the Socioeconomic effect of Dam, 2013, Funder - Public Universities and Government Agencies Collaborative Grant, Malaysia.
§ £4,436 as PI for the project on the welfare effect of Special Economic Zone in West Bengal, 2012, Funder - Integrating Global Society (IGS) Priority Group.
§ £5,120 as PI for the project on the long-term impact of displacement in Nepal, 2012, Funder - Science, Technology and Society, University of Nottingham.
§ £1,000 as PI for the project on informality in eastern Europe, 2007, Funder - European Union Centre of California, USA.

Journal of Economic Growth; Journal of Development Economics; World Development; Journal of Development Studies; Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization; Applied Economics; Applied Economic Letters; Journal of International Development; World Economy; International Journal of Manpower. 

Conference / Seminar presentations 

2020- Middlesex University, Feb; Newcastle University, Feb.  

2019 - University of Perugia, May; University of Pisa, May; University of Brescia, May; University of Turin, June; University of Milano - Bicocca, June; University of Campania, Caserta, June.
2018 - Asian Development Bank, August; AsLEA conference, Singapore, August; WSSFC, Fukuoka, September; Asian Development Bank Institute, December.
2017 - IER, Hitotsubashi University, March; Asia Growth Institute, Kita Kyushu, June.
2016 - Ritsumeikan University, Kyoto, Dec; Kobe University, Dec; GEP Conference, University of Nottingham, KL, Feb;  World Bank Office, KL, March; Hitotsubashi University, March; INCEIF, KL, March; JACES Conference, Japan, June.
2015 - Hayami Conference, GRIPS, Jan; Hitotsubashi University, Jan; GEP Conference, University of Nottingham, Feb;  Asian Development Bank Institute, Tokyo, June.
2014 - OSIPP, Osaka University, September; Asian Development Bank Institute, Tokyo, September| GRIPS, Tokyo, July; Hitotsubashi University, Japan, July; IDEJETRO, Tokyo, June; Kyoto University, Kyoto, Japan, July; Indian Statistical Institute, Kolkata, January; Jadavpur University, February; FASS Research Seminar, UNMC, February; 
2013 - FASS Research Seminar, November; Economic Research Seminar, Gottingen University, Germany, August;  Research Seminar, ZEW, Germany, July; Economic Research Seminar, Nottingham U, March.
2012 - Conservation and Sustainability in Asia (CASA), Bangkok, December; Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, Nottingham Malaysia, December; Economics Research Seminar, Nottingham Malaysia, December; Institute of Development Economies-JETRO, Tokyo, June.
2011 - International Conference, UNESCO & Doshisha University, September; Kansai Labor Economists Forum, Osaka, July; Economics Research Seminar, Osaka University, June; GCOE, Osaka University, June.
2010 - Migration and Development, Paris, September; Employment and Development, Cape Town, June.
2006 - Western Economic Association Conference, San Diego, June; IZA and World Bank conference, Berlin, May; Public Choice Society Annual Meeting, April.
2005 - Annual Conference of International Studies Association, Hawaii, March; Conference on Democracy and Development, University of California, Irvine, Feb; Graduate Student Conference, CGU, February.
2004 - Annual Conference of International Studies Association-West, Las Vegas, October; Graduate Student Conference, Claremont Graduate University, February.