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Living Costs

Living Costs

Living costs in London vary depending on the lifestyle you choose.

While London is an expensive city, it is home to thousands of students who take advantage of special discounts and deals designed for them to make the most of their experience. It is up to each individual to decide how much they can afford to spend. 

Have a look at Save the Student, a website which provides free, impartial advice to students on how to make their money go further. 

We have prepared some tips for you on how to make the best with a limited budget.

Top Tips for Making your money go further in London


Our campus is located right next to the financial heart of London – the City, as well as Shoreditch, a buzzing area alive with fashionable shops and creative people.

There are a lot of work opportunities on and around the campus, for example you could:

  • Become a Student Ambassador - support University events and get paid!
  • Use our online database with vacancies in London to get an internship or a part-time job
  • Get a student job in hospitality in one of many London’s venues


Cutting the cost of your food shop is easy. You can:

  • Look for discounted food in the evening in supermarkets
  • Plan your shop to avoid splashing out on treats; cook meals from scratch, make packed lunches and freeze your meals to make them last
  • Buy excess food for cheap to reduce waste using apps like Too Good To Go
  • Join community initiatives such as People’s Kitchen where you can help with cooking in exchange for delicious meals


London has an abundance of free and heavily discounted events and activities for students:

  • Check out some world’s best museums and galleries with free entry
  • Look at websites like Student BeansDesign My Night and Student Central for discounts
  • Read Time Out and check their website for top free happenings in London
  • Enjoy one of city centre parks and go for riverside walks
  • Join Slackers’ club with your student card and enjoy a free film screening every month
  • Save on clothes by going to one of many capital’s charity shops or car boot sale
  • Sign up to My Box Office to get heavily discounted or free theatre tickets
  • Use Santander Cycles instead of taking the tube – save money and the environment!