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It is perfectly normal to feel homesick when coming to university. Follow these top tips to help you adjust.

Take your time

It is normal to miss your family and friends when you move away from home - especially for the first few weeks or months. We appreciate that it will be difficult to start with, but we encourage you to persevere. 

Those that come from outside the city might find London life daunting when they first arrive. Be patient and give yourself time to adjust. You will soon begin to feel more settled as the weeks pass and you get used to the way of life here.

Don’t be surprised if homesickness affects you later in the course. Often, students get caught up in the excitement of moving and don't miss home until the work gets harder.

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Chat to other students

It is very likely that other students in your class are feeling the same way as you are. Some may seem to be handling the situation easily, but if you chat to them you will probably find out that they are missing home too.

Talking to fellow students will help you bond with people who are going through the same experience.

Talk to us

If the feeling of homesickness persists, come and talk to us. Our Student Welfare Officer is always happy to listen to any concerns you may have. Please visit the Student Services Welcome Desk on the 4th floor and request an appointment with the Welfare Officer.