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How NUL’s careers service made my life easier

How NUL’s careers service made my life easier

Finding a graduate job isn't always easy - here are five ways NUL can help you.

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Becoming a student can be quite daunting – and career planning for the future is just one area which can be stressful to think about. Luckily, Newcastle University London has answers to all of those tricky questions about life after graduation. It’s OK if you don’t know what you want to do yet – here are my five favourite things provided by Newcastle University’s careers team and Newcastle University London that I find really useful.

1. Weekly masterclasses

Held every Wednesday in term time - and currently held remotely due to COVID-19 - Newcastle University London gives students the opportunity to hear from professionals working in real businesses around London. Most of the topics are related to employability and the contents of the masterclasses are aimed to help in the process of job hunting. The weekly Masterclasses are also an excellent way to start making contacts and begin thinking of a future career. I look at it as a way of expanding my network and learning as much as I can about various companies and industries. Various students have gained internships or full-time employment in London from making connections at these masterclasses.

2. CV drop-in sessions

Newcastle University London’s drop-in sessions are great for improving your CV and cover letter. As part of these sessions, your careers consultant will explain what is expected of you and how to make your CV stand out from the crowd. They also support with writing cover letters in case you are looking for a placement or a graduate job. One of biggest values of drop-in sessions is that you realise that you actually have a lot of experiences and it helps to identify your strengths and transferable skills.

3. 1-2-1 sessions

These sessions are your chance to talk about career related topics one-on-one with your career’s consultant. Currently, this service is available via Zoom or Skype. Careers consultations are not only an advantage for students currently looking for a placement or a job, they can also benefit your studies by helping you understand where your strengths lie. Resolving your doubts and supporting you through the job application process is one of the best services to use and I recommend making the most of it.

4. Training sessions for interviews

The careers website is full of useful information; I found the interview simulator to be of particular use. The simulator is a tool that helps you prepare for any upcoming interviews. As part of this experience, you’re given information on the types of questions you may be asked, what your answers should sound like and what techniques of answering interview questions are the most effective. Invest time and effort to get that dream job of yours.

5. NCL spark

NCL Spark is an online platform designed to connect Newcastle University students with our successful alumni community. It opens up a range of opportunities for current students. NCL Spark connects you with a mentor who works in an area of your interest, expands your network, offers career advice and support from alumni, as well as an offering insight into a particular industry or a profession.