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How my postgraduate degree helped my career

How my postgrad degree helped my career

Here are five reasons why studying my postgraduate degree helped my career.

When I decided to pursue a postgraduate degree, several questions came to my mind. From simple ones - when, where and how to do it, to more in-depth questions like how it will actually help my career. The latter is of great importance when it comes to choosing your postgraduate programme. Whether you have just considered studying a postgraduate degree or whether you’ve already started your applications, I hope this article will help you to find how a postgraduate degree can help you in your future career.

1. Open new job opportunities

Starting a postgraduate degree programme gives you the opportunity to master the theory and develop specific skills in the field of your choice. These skills are either automatically required to apply for certain graduate jobs or constitute a great added value for your CV to differentiate yourself. My MSc International Marketing degree at Newcastle University London has opened the doors to an entire new range of graduate jobs and I have made a further step towards my dream job in brand management. Looking at job offers and their requirements is a good way to fully understand how your degree can lend itself to your career objectives. 

2. Learn the latest knowledge and best practices in the industry

 At Newcastle University London, you will be taught with the latest knowledge and best practices in your chosen field. A postgraduate degree is the fastest way to gain significant knowledge and expertise in such a short amount of time. It will develop your critical thinking, project management skills and give you a second opportunity to work on a research project - which are also highly valued by companies. Multiple industries are constantly evolving which makes students who are up to date with the latest theories and trends much more employable. Thanks to my degree, I managed to develop my knowledge and skills so I now feel better equipped to start my career.

3. Expand your knowledge

Joining a postgraduate programme means meeting new classmates, teachers and professionals. It can also result in joining a new university or even moving to a new city or country. The options are plentiful and all of them will give you the ability to extend your network. Networking can be beneficial for multiple reasons — benefit from career advice, access to job opportunities and help you to build your future professional connections. The Newcastle University Alumni community is a great way to stay in touch with your acquaintances after your degree.

4. Meet inspiring industry leaders

Newcastle University London provides students with access to a number of masterclasses where they can network with inspiring leaders from some of London’s most exciting multinational companies. An additional year of studying is a great way to stimulate your curiosity and learn more about the business environment. Discovering the paths of successful CEOs, managers or entrepreneurs is a great way to get inspiration for your future career. 

5. Connect with other people

Being home to hundreds of multinational companies and firms, London is one of the most important economic centres in Europe. From huge conglomerates to innovative startups, chances to find an exciting graduate job are high. Doing my postgraduate degree in London has given me the possibility to  access and evaluate the job market early on. 

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