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Securing your dream job, my top 5 tips

Securing your dream job, my top 5 tips

How to make the most of career boosting opportunities whilst studying

1. Let your programme inspire you

When I started my postgraduate studies I wasn’t quite sure which career path to take and what area to specialise in. Luckily my course gave me the opportunity to explore a variety of subjects. This was great for me as it meant that I could use my studies as a chance to discover new areas of work before making any final decisions about which direction to take my job search. Be ready to get inspired!

2. Attend job fairs

Once you know what you’re really passionate about, it’s time to find a company that matches your profile. The best way to do this is to attend the job fairs organised by the university. This is your chance to connect with London’s most attractive employers and to discover companies you might not have thought of. My two personal highlights were the ‘Careers Conference’ at the London campus and the ‘Gain a Global Advantage’ event at the Newcastle campus. Make sure you use opportunities like these!

3. Don’t miss the weekly masterclasses

These events are not only a great networking opportunity, but they also provide valuable application insights to help you get the job you want. Nike, PwC and Goldman Sachs are just some of the companies that have visited the campus this year.

4. Use the support of the careers service

As students of Newcastle University, we can access careers advice on campus and also the expertise of the team based in Newcastle. We received extensive training on successful interview techniques, how to master psychometric tests and the best ways to boost LinkedIn profiles. They also welcome personal requests for help and advice. Not making use of their services and expertise would be a lost opportunity.

5. Boost your CV

First impressions count so make the most of opportunities to add value to your CV. There are lots of ways to do this via the extracurricular activities offered, such as volunteering or becoming a student course rep. It’s great for your CV, but also has a positive impact on your social life too. The academic support team are available for CV drop in workshops and to provide one to one careers advice, so there is always someone on hand to point you in the right direction.