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A Change Of Plans

A Change Of Plans Turned Great Experience

Choosing Newcastle University London for your Master's degree

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After completing my bachelor's degree, I was working as an intern at a global media agency. Then I decided to have to a gap year to make up my mind. Rather than travelling the world as my peers did, I wanted to do something I could feel proud of. That was the time when I found myself volunteering for stray dogs. There are many homeless dogs in Turkey and the adoption rate is very low. I worked at an organization where we find new homes abroad for the abandoned dogs in Turkey.

After the gap year, I was supposed to continue my business life but there was a change in my plans. I realised a bachelor degree is not sufficient both for my personal development and business life. I wanted to study in Europe and started researching in London. I had never been to London and I was always curious about it. After a detailed research, I applied to a couple of universities but I had set my heart on Newcastle University London. Rather than providing just a marketing degree like other universities, the fact that it offered an international degree attracted me even more. I was very pleased to be accepted and a scholarship recipient from a reputable university in London!

So far, university life is hard, I am not going to lie to you! Running between courses, part-time jobs and the crazy social life with friends from all around the world has been keeping me busy and made me feel at home. By the way, I am also working in a part-time job which is the best job in the world! I work as a part-time dog sitter and walker in London which has been going great! Being with dogs is always a great feeling. With this part-time job, I have been managing to keep up with the expensive live style of London and having a great time with my dog buddies!

If you want to develop yourself, I have some advice for you:

London is a marvellous experience, just imagine living in a great city, plus having the chance of studying at a worldwide university. Sometimes, a change in the plans can turn out to be a wonderful decision!


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