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Last Minute Decision Best of my Life

Last Minute Decision Was Best of My Life

As an ambitious person, I am always seeking challenges and opportunities. However, as we all know they can happen very suddenly.

Entrance to Newcastle University London

Big ambitions

Have you ever felt that your ambition is bigger than what’s expected of you?

In my native Poland, people are often forced to go to University by their parents and so usually end up on a course they’re not interested in. Moreover, during the application process, no one asks about them as ‘people‘, they are only viewed as the scores from their final exams. This situation combined with my enthusiasm to live abroad, is why I chose to leave Poland to study in the UK.

Looking for the best

When deciding where to go, I was only looking for the best Universities. UCL, King’s, Queen Mary... There was always something wrong. Too big, too far from the centre, not having the course I was looking for. Finally I found Newcastle’s campus in London. My first thought? I’m definitely going to step through these glass doors in September! It had everything I was looking for – high standards of teaching, great location in the business centre of London, modern facilities, prestige and a great small university environment (honestly everyone knows each other). Plus, it’s related to the great Newcastle campus in Newcastle upon Tyne, with its long teaching tradition, experience and reputation. I also got an offer from Bristol, but it didn’t excite me as much as the offer from NUL!

London calling

Right after I received my exam results and the offer had been confirmed, I bought a plane ticket and started to plan my life in London! Instead of living in halls, I decided to rent a flat in Bloomsbury. Before the arrival I was nervous, but also excited and happy. My friends welcomed me in London and my adventure began.

Best decision ever

During fresher’s week I went out with people I met during my first week, to university organised activities: a nice drink at the top of Chapter Spitalfields and a pizza party. I met so many great people from all around the world, learned so much not only from an educational perspective, but also gained life experience. I honestly feel that this was one of the best decisions in my whole life.

London life combined with a good quality, supportive University opens doors to great professional opportunities for every ambitious individual.

Friends at a pizza party during Freshers' week


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